3 Team Double Elimination Bracket

3 Team Double Elimination Bracket

3 Team Double Elimination Bracket: What Is It?

A 3 Team Double Elimination Bracket is used by tournament organizers when they plan on organizing a smaller tournament with a small number of players. If you have only three players, you can still organize a tournament and in order to do this successfully, we would recommend using the 3 Team Double Elimination Bracket.

The 3 Team Double Elimination is preferred to the single elimination as it extends the time of the tournament, otherwise, your tournament will be over relatively quickly. To get the most out of the tournament and ensure that all players or teams have a great time, the double-elimination format will work much better.

A 3 Team Double Elimination Bracket fillable template can be downloaded by clicking the link below.


How to Make a 3 Team Double Elimination Bracket?

Organizing the tournament and the 3 Team Double Elimination Bracket itself is a relatively simple process, particularly if you are using an editable template that can be edited to include the names of the players, teams, and maybe even the club logo (if there is one). Creating the bracket is a vital part in the scheduling and organization of a successful tournament.

We would recommend following the format below in order to ensure that your tournament runs smoothly:

  • You should start by seeding the players to determine which player will await the winner of the first round . If each player already holds a specific ranking, you can select the highest ranked player for this role. If not, you could do a random draw even by flipping a coin or a rock, paper, scissors contest;
  • Now that you know the rankings of the players, you need to download the bracket or maybe you want to have a go at creating/editing one yourself;
  • Ensure that the document is titled appropriately, something like "3 Team Double Elimination Bracket" should get the message across quite clearly;
  • Ensure that there is a winner's bracket (which is usually the bracket at the top) and a loser's bracket (the bracket at the bottom);
  • The lines of the bracket will usually vary depending on which bracket you are looking at (winners or losers) . For example, the winner's bracket may be in a bold, black line and the loser's bracket may be drawn out in a double line. The purpose of this is to differentiate the two brackets and avoid confusion;
  • You must include a key of the lines you have used and the corresponding bracket that they represent . You can include the key on the top right hand side of the bracket;
  • Include the names of the players in the bracket based on the seeding you predetermined before the start of any rounds;
  • Fill in the bracket as you go along, round per round in the double-elimination format until you reach the final where the winner will be determined;
  • You can also edit the bracket and add a personalized touch to give your bracket a more professional look.

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Download 3 Team Double Elimination Bracket

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