6 Team Round Robin Template

6 Team Round Robin Template

6 Team Round Robin: What Is It?

If you are organizing a 6 Team Round Robin Tournament, you will require a 6 Team Round Robin to get you started. The format will involve six teams which will play each other at least once, irrespective of whether or not there was a loss.

There will be fifteen matches of the round robin in total, providing that all six teams will play against one another once. The main use of a 6 Team Round Robin Bracket is to be aware of and keep a record of the win and loss ratio of all participating teams. Unlike the elimination system, a team can still remain in the competition even if they suffer a defeat. After the round robin matches and semifinals section, there will be a final match where the winning team will be crowned.

By using the 6 Team Round Robin Bracket template you help prevent any difficulties or mistakes in the scheduling of the tournament. If such errors occur, they can severely disrupt the tournament.

By opting to create a 6 Team Round Robin you can plan each match carefully, ensuring that all teams play each other. You are also able to make sure that there are relevant officials, volunteers and players present as well as the appropriate court or pitch.

A 6 Team Round Robin template can be downloaded by clicking the link below.


How Does a 6 Team Round Robin Work?

By creating your own 6 Team Round Robin you can modify the bracket and add a hint of originality. Below you can find instructions on how to create your very own bracket and how to use this to ensure that the format works smoothly:

  • Provide a title for your bracket such as "6 TEAM ROUND ROBIN" so that all participants can easily locate the document;
  • Begin by creating a table with three rows and seven columns;
  • In the first row write "Name of Team" and below in the columns, you should number them from 1 to 6. Here you will write down the name of the teams;
  • As this will decide on the order of each round, you may want to randomly draw the teams to make this as random and fair as possible;
  • In the second row, label the subheading with "NUMBER OF WINS";
  • In the third row, label the subheading with "NUMBER OF LOSSES";
  • Below this, in the columns, you should keep track of the number of wins and losses that each team has. If it is possible that a draw may occur, you can add another row to record draws;
  • Below this table you should create one more table with five rows and three columns;
  • Label each subheading of the rows with the round that will be played from "ROUND 1" to "ROUND 5";
  • In the columns below create a schedule for each round where each team will play the remaining teams once. You should use the team numbers from the first table in this schedule. For instance, the first round may be, "Team 3 vs Team 5."

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