6 Team Double Elimination Bracket Template

6 Team Double Elimination Bracket Template

6 Team Double Elimination Bracket: What Is It?

A 6 Team Double Elimination Bracket is created by individuals organizing a tournament with six teams. Although this is not a large number of teams for a tournament, it is still very much possible to organize a great tournament. To make sure that this is done successfully, we would suggest using the 6 Team Double Elimination system.

The 6 Team Double Elimination is used because it enables a team to continue playing even if they have one loss. Only after a second loss will they be eliminated from the tournament as opposed to a single elimination system where one loss will result in an immediate exit from the tournament.

The main reason for doing this is that it prolongs the time that the tournament runs for. If the single elimination system is used, the tournament will finish quickly, which is great if you want to hold a quick, short tournament. However, if you want to get more out of the tournament and want all participating teams to have a fun time, you will find that the double elimination system will work much better.

A 6 Team Double Elimination Bracket fillable template can be downloaded by clicking the link below.


How to Run a 6 Team Double Elimination Bracket?

Before you think about organizing and running a 6 Team Double Elimination Bracket, you will first need to create one. The bracket is extremely important in ensuring that the tournament, schedule, and rounds all go according to plan without any hindrance. This will create a superb atmosphere for all of the individuals involved in the tournament.

We have collected a list of tips and hints that you should consider before forming your 6 Team Double Elimination Bracket which can be found below:

  • Ensure that your bracket has a title . Make sure the title is big and bold, the title should very clearly state what the bracket is showing;
  • Rank the teams and allocate them a place in the bracket by writing their team name or their actual names;
  • You can make modifications to the bracket by adding an image or logo to get across the overall theme of the tournament . For example, if you are running a tennis tournament you can include images related to the sport;
  • Keep a close eye on the results of each round and fill in the bracket according to the results . Remember, a team is only eliminated after two losses;
  • Losing teams will move down into a separate losers bracket (which is usually underneath the main bracket) so that they can battle out against other teams, fighting to stay in the tournament;
  • Print the document in whichever format is more comfortable for you and annotate the bracket with a pen or pencil as the rounds progress.

Creating a bracket is arguably one of the most important aspects when it comes to planning and scheduling a tournament. The way in which this is done will determine the success of your tournament.

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