8 Team Round Robin Template

8 Team Round Robin Template

8 Team Round Robin: What Is It?

An 8 Team Round Robin involves a total of eight teams that need to play each other in a tournament. There will be seven rounds in total if the teams play each other once. The purpose is to record the win and losses of each team to determine the overall champion or to see which teams will progress to the subsequent rounds.

By creating an 8 Team Round Robin Bracket you ensure that each team will face each other without any overlaps or errors in scheduling. The importance of this should not be overlooked as any mistakes in the scheduling can have disastrous effects on a tournament.

If you create your own 8 Team Round Robin, your mind will be at ease because you will be able to visualize the various rounds in front of you and this will also provide you with information concerning the number of rounds and the number of games for the tournament. This information can be used to plan the scheduling for each of the rounds which in most cases is done on a weekly basis i.e. one round per week.

An 8 Team Round Robin template can be downloaded by clicking the link below.


8 Team Round Robin: How to Make?

Making your own 8 Team Round Robin is certainly advantageous because it gives you the opportunity to tailor it to your sport, your teams, your dates and even the design of the document can be personalized to reflect your preferences. To make sure that you do not forget any small details, consider the following tips and hints below:

  • First off, you need a big title in a nice, large font so that it can be spotted a mile away by any team or players . There is no need to come up with anything excessive, a simple "8 TEAM ROUND ROBIN" would suffice;
  • Create a simple table with three rows and nine columns;
  • Title the first row with "Team Name" and in the column, number the teams from one to eight;
  • Include the names of the teams next to each number . This is important to determine the order and games of each round;
  • Title the second row with "WINS" and the third row with "LOSSES ." Here you can record in a tally the number of wins and losses that each team has after each played round. If there is a possibility for a draw, you may want to include an additional fourth row;
  • Below, create a second table with seven rows and five columns;
  • Number all of the rows as rounds for example, "ROUND 1" onwards, and then in each column, ensure that you create a schedule for each team to play the remaining seven teams once and use the teams/team numbers in the table above as reference. For example, "Team 3 vs Team 5";
  • When carrying out this step be sure to check that each team does not play itself . To simplify this process, you can use an online generator which will save you some time.

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