4 Team Round Robin Template

4 Team Round Robin Template

4 Team Round Robin: What Is It?

A 4 Team Round Robin involves four teams that face each other in a 4 Team Round Robin Tournament. There will be six rounds in total if the four teams play each other only one time. The purpose of a 4 Team Round Robin Bracket is to record the win and loss ratio of each team as they play each other. As opposed to an elimination format, each team will face the other teams even if they lose. In the end, this will lead to the final match where the champion will be determined.

By forming the 4 Team Round Robin Bracket you guarantee avoiding any mistakes which could cause severe scheduling errors. The significance of this should not be underestimated as any errors made in the planning and schedule of the tournament can dampen the atmosphere and mood of the event.

If you decide to make a 4 Team Round Robin you will be able to see all rounds that need to be played between all of the times. This will enable you to prepare for the evening accordingly ensuring that everything and everyone is in place.

A 4 Team Round Robin template can be downloaded by clicking the link below.


How Does a 4 Team Round Robin Work?

If you have decided to make your own 4 Team Round Robin you are able to modify the sheet to fit around a particular sport, the teams taking part and you even have the option of designing the bracket and adding a personalized touch to reflect a particular theme. Read our hints below to ensure that you do not miss anything off:

  • Give your bracket a large title so that it is obvious from a mile away what the document is. Simply title it with "4 TEAM ROUND ROBIN" to get your message across loud and clear;
  • Make or draw a small table making sure that there are three rows and five columns;
  • Write a subheading for the first row such as "Name of Team" and in the columns, provide number from one to four;
  • Write down the name of the teams next to numbers one to four. This will decide on the order of each round;
  • Write down a subheading for the second row with "NUMBER OF WINS";
  • Write down a subheading for the third row with "NUMBER OF LOSSES";
  • In this part of the table you will record the results of the matches (the number of wins and losses). If one of the matches could result in a draw, you may want to include a fourth row to record this;
  • Underneath you should form another table with three rows and three columns;
  • Give each of the rows a subheading based on the rounds from "ROUND 1" to "ROUND 3";
  • In each column create a plan for each team to play the other three using the team numbers in the first table. For example, "Team 2 vs Team 1";
  • When scheduling matches and rounds, make sure not to accidentally schedule one team to play itself.

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Download 4 Team Round Robin Template

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