12 Team Double Elimination Bracket

12 Team Double Elimination Bracket

12 Team Double Elimination Bracket: What Is It?

A 12 Team Double Elimination Bracket is a competition format that comprises two tiers of rounds permitting the participants that suffered one defeat to fight for their place in the tournament and later even reach the final.

While there may be difficulties with the schedule since this system implies more games or rounds, it is often deemed to be the correct way to determine the winner and give the team that lost once an opportunity to make their way to the final. Moreover, a double elimination means you will know the teams that placed third, fourth, and so on so that the distribution of prize money is easier.

A 12 Team Double Elimination Bracket fillable template can be found below.


How to Set Up a 12 Team Double Elimination Bracket?

If you have decided a 12 Team Double Elimination Bracket is the perfect way to organize a competition you are in charge of, follow these instructions to arrange the tournament:

  1. Draft the provisional version of the bracket in order to see how it will look when it is completed - besides, it is not known which teams or players will advance from round to round so a graph that shows randomly selected teams going to the final will give you a better idea about the final look of the bracket. It is advised to opt for rectangular boxes separated into two sections of the competition. Once the participants are known whether they qualified for the tournament or you have invited them to join your event, conduct a draw - consider a seeding system that will let you avoid two favorites meeting early in the competition.
  2. Pay attention to the design of the diagram you are creating - this also applies to the contents of the bracket. There is no need to describe every round in great detail or provide information about the regulations the competition has adopted; in most cases, it is enough to include the names of the participants (once the draw is finalized and the first round is planned) and the dates of events on the road to the final. Nevertheless, a major tournament you are advertising on your website may be modified into an interactive tool for the benefit of users - by clicking on a certain round or the name of the competitor, they will be able to find out more about the ticket sale, get directions to the venue, learn more about the team they are interested in, or discover the history of the rivalry of two teams facing each other.
  3. Obtain the approval of the organizing committee to go ahead and make the Double Elimination 12 Team Bracket public . If the event is supposed to be private or you are not expecting any audience to show up to the locations you have indicated, you may simply distribute the diagram between the participants. Otherwise, it is recommended to share the internal structure of the tournament on your website and social media platforms to get more coverage and attract the attention of various media.

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