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Visit our online document collection where you can access a wide variety of documents in French. Our collection includes a range of documents that cover different topics and purposes, all available online for your convenience. Whether you're looking for government forms, legal consent forms, or corporate extension clauses, our online document library has you covered.

Browse through our extensive collection of French documents and find the forms you need, such as the YG6600 Fonds De La Taxe Sur L'essence Rapport Final in Yukon, Canada, or the 13B Consentement form in Ontario, Canada. We also offer the 12 Clauses De Prorogation for corporations with share capital in Manitoba, Canada.

If you're a tenant in Ontario, Canada, you can find the T7 Requete Du Locataire Relative Aux Compteurs Individuels form for individual meter inquiries. Additionally, we have the A-89 Paiement DES Droits Par Carte De Credit Lors D'une Requete En Vertu De L'article 133 De La Loi, which is relevant for grievances in the construction industry in Ontario, Canada.

Our online document collection, known as "en ligne," "document en ligne," or "documents en ligne," provides convenient access to important forms and paperwork without the need for physical copies. With our user-friendly interface, you can easily download and fill out the required documents, saving you time and effort.

Whether you're a business owner, a tenant, or an individual looking for specific forms, our online document collection offers a comprehensive range of resources in French. Explore our "en ligne" library today and simplify your document needs.




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This form is used by bingo operators in Yukon, Canada to report their financial activities after each bingo event. Instructions and information are provided in French.

Ce formulaire est utilisé pour la demande 5b de la Loi sur la taxe sur le combustible au Yukon, Canada. (French)

This document is in French and is the IMM5908 form for the Pilot Immigration Program in Northern and Rural Communities in Canada. This form is used to assess the community's interest in participating in the program.

This type of document is used in Ontario, Canada for contesting an intention. It is written in French.

This document is used by corporations with share capital in Manitoba, Canada for the extension of their existence duration. It's provided in French and includes specific clauses pertaining to corporate continuation.

This form is used for making payment for requested services using a credit card under Article 133 of the Law (Referral of a Complaint in the Construction Industry) in Ontario, Canada.

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