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Are you looking to explore the positive changes that organizations or individuals can bring to society? Our collection of documents on social impact is the perfect resource for you. Whether you are a socially responsible business, a non-profit organization, or simply interested in the topic, our collection covers a wide range of subjects related to social impact.

Discover how businesses are making a difference through our documents on corporate social responsibility and social entrepreneurship. From case studies on sustainable practices in the handmade paper industry of Nepal to reports on the impact of tourism on local communities in Tibet, our collection provides valuable insights into the social dimensions of various industries.

If you are interested in legal aspects of social impact, we have documents on topics like public benefit corporations and community service awards. Learn about the requirements and benefits of registering as a public benefit corporation, or find inspiration for creating your own community service award certificate.

Our collection includes a diverse range of documents that highlight the importance of social impact in today's world. Whether you are a researcher, a business professional, or an individual seeking inspiration for creating positive change, our social impact documents are a valuable resource. Start exploring now and be inspired to make a difference in your community and beyond.




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This document is a template for a Community Service Award Certificate. It can be used to recognize individuals or groups who have made significant contributions to their community through volunteer work or other acts of service.


This document explores the concept of social responsibility in the growing handmade paper industry of Nepal. It discusses the importance of ethical practices and the impact on local communities and the environment.

This document provides a thematic report on the cultural clash between tourism and the local culture in Tibet. It explores the impact of tourism on Tibetan traditions and heritage.

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