DA Form 2142 Pay Inquiry

What Is DA Form 2142?

DA Form 2142, Pay Inquiry is a document submitted by the service members when they have questions or concerns regarding their payments. The document - often incorrectly referred to as the DD Form 2142 - was last revised by the Department of the Army (DA) in April 1982. Use the link provided below to download DA Form 2142 fillable version.

Army policy states that each question a service member has regarding payment matters must be documented on the DA Form 2142. Any DA pay inquiry - no matter how small and unimportant it may appear - must be reviewed and answered by the department. The responsibility to help a service member with the preparation of the inquiry lies with the department authorities.


Download DA Form 2142 Pay Inquiry

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DA Form 2142 Instructions

The DA 2142 instructions are simple:

  • Prepare the form in three copies;
  • Make sure all the personal information required is accurate and complete;
  • Make sure you have provided clear and understandable explanations on the nature of your inquiry and the actions desired in Section I of the form;
  • Submit the form to your unit commander for completing Section II;
  • If you are in grade E6 or below, make sure your form is signed by your unit commander. If you are in grade E7 and above, the commander's signature is not required;
  • Show the completed document to the department authorities. If everything is in proper order and the form does not contain numerous or messy corrections, you have two options: the form can be returned to you if you wish to hand-carry it to the finance office or the form will be forwarded to the finance office by a transmittal letter;
  • You are required to submit all three copies of the filled out form;
  • The rules and regulations state that if the finance office receives your inquiry over the phone, it becomes the responsibility of the office staff to complete the DA 2142.

After receiving your inquiry, the finance office staff will enter it into the Pay Inquiry Log. The response time usually depends on the nature of your inquiry. If you have a Leave and Earning Statement available, or you have a common question, you can expect a speedy reply. Otherwise, the staff will request your Personal Financial Record (PFR). Some cases may require filing the DA Form 3684, Report of Change.

After resolving the issue, the finance office staff will fill out Section II of the form and record the action taken into the Pay Inquiry Log. The original copy of the form will be included in your PRF. The second copy will be filed in the Office Pay Inquiry File. The third copy will be forwarded to your unit. More information about the use of the pay inquiry form is provided in the Army Regulation 37-104-3, Military Pay and Allowances Procedures - Joint Uniform Military Pay System-Army (JUMPS-Army) or AR 37-104-3.

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