DA Form 918A Agreement for Establishment and Maintenance of an Army Senior Reserve Officers' Training Corps Unit

DA Form 918A - also known as the "Agreement For Establishment And Maintenance Of An Army Senior Reserve Officers' Training Corps Unit" - is a Military form issued and used by the United States Department of the Army.

The form - often mistakenly referred to as the DD form 918A - was last revised on February 1, 2017. Download an up-to-date fillable PDF version of the DA 918A below or request a copy through the chain of command.


For use of this form, see AR 145-1; the proponent agency is DCS, G-1
Agreement for Establishment and Maintenance of an Army Senior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (SROTC) Unit
1. Commander,
Brigade, United States Army Cadet Command
2. Commander, United States Army Cadet Command, (ATCC-ZA), 204 1st Cavalry Regiment Road, Fort Knox, KY 40121-5123
1. DCS, G-1 (DAPE-MPO-AP), 300 Army Pentagon, Washington, DC 20310-0300
2. Commander, Human Resources Command (AHRC-OPD-A), 1600 Spearhead Division Avenue, Fort Knox, KY 40122-5402
h. To provide janitorial and grounds upkeep, parking space for government and
1. The Secretary of the Army having approved the application for the establishment
staff vehicles, and other required support in the same manner and measure that is
of an Army SROTC Unit (DA Form 918) executed by
provided to the other departments of the school.
i. To provide printing and publication support, information technology equipment/
(Name and Title)
support and information assurance support services that ensures protection of the
agrees as follows:
data and systems. To provide unrestricted access to government networks or
systems in support of the SROTC mission.
j. To meet or exceed Department of Defense viability requirements (implemented
a. To establish and maintain a unit of the Army Senior Reserve Officers' Training
in DoD Instruction 1215.08, Army Regulation 145-1, or other applicable statutes,
Corps (SROTC) of the above named school.
regulations or policies) for continuation of status as a unit.
Host Unit
Extension Unit
k. To provide without expense to the U.S. Army, adequate storage facilities for all
b. To assign military personnel as the Secretary of the Army deems necessary for
U.S. property provided for the Army SROTC program. It is agreed that such
the proper administration and conduct of the Army SROTC unit and to pay the
facilities will be separate and apart from those occupied by any other department of
statutory compensation to such personnel from the Department of the Army funds.
the school or government agency and satisfy Army security requirements per AR
c. To provide for use by the Army SROTC unit available government property that
is authorized by law. To pay at the expense of the government the costs of normal
l. To take reasonable measures, to include withholding transcripts, grades, and/or
maintenance of property (exclusive of utilities costs) involved in the storage of such
certificates of graduation when requested by the Professor of Military Science
property at the school.
(PMS), to recover government property that is improperly in the hands of students or
d. To pay at the government's expense subsistence allowance at a prescribed
former students.
rate to enrolled members in the Advanced SROTC course and to participants in the
SROTC Financial Assistance Program.
3. It is mutually understood and agreed as follows:
e. To issue at the government's expense uniform clothing for members of the
a. This agreement is effective upon official signature of the authorized
SROTC unit.
representative for the school and the Secretary of the Army.
f. To arrange the accounting procedures with designated fiscal officer when
b. This agreement will be reviewed and renewed in ten (10) years to ensure
providing financial assistance to specifically selected members under the provisions
compliance by both the Department of the Army and the school.
of Title 10, U.S. Code 2107 and 2017a.
c. The agreement may be terminated by either party after giving one academic
g. To relieve this school of the accountability and responsibility for the U.S.
year's notice.
property provided for the Army SROTC unit on completion of a satisfactory
d. Officers will not be assigned to the Department of Military Science without prior
accounting and inventory.
approval of this school. The Secretary of the Army or designee will have the right at
h. To appoint an active duty officer or civilian employee of the U.S. Army who has
any time to remove from duty any military or civilian who the Army has assigned to
been assigned to duty at the school as the Army SROTC Responsible Officer. They
the school. The school reserves the right to request removal of Army personnel for
will have the authority to requisition, receive, store, and account for Army Property.
good cause.
The appointee will also be responsible for all property matters and will act in behalf
e. That no SROTC unit will be established or maintained at a school that
of the U.S. Army.
unlawfully discriminates with respect to admission or subsequent treatment of
i. To return to the school the accountability and responsibility for the issue, care,
students in a manner prohibited under applicable state and/or federal law, and
use, safekeeping and accounting for the U.S. property used and required in the
applicable federal regulations and other policies.
Army SROTC unit should the school request this action in writing.
f. That the school will comply with applicable federal and state law and
Department of Defense (DoD) policy prohibiting discrimination based upon race,
2. The governing authorities of this school agree as follows:
color religion, sex (including gender identity), sexual orientation and/or national
a. To establish and maintain a Military Science Department as an integral
origin. No ROTC unit will be established or maintained at a school that unlawfully
department of the school and to adopt as part of its curriculum
discriminates in a manner prohibited under applicable federal and state laws and
(1) a four-year course of military instruction;
(2) a two-year course of
DoD policy with respect to assignment of Military Service members and federal
advanced training of military instruction; or
(3) both; which will be prescribed
employee civilian staff to the ROTC unit; this prohibition applies to any requirements
and conducted as agreed upon by the school and the Secretary of the Army.
regarding the status, privileges or benefits accorded to such persons under law, DoD
b. To require each student enrolled in Army SROTC unit to devote the number of
policy, state or school policy.
hours to the military science curriculum as agreed to by the school and the Secretary
g. That no SROTC unit will be established or maintained unless the senior
of the Army.
commissioned officer assigned to the school:
c. To grant degree credit for SROTC courses and to list SROTC course grades
(1) Is designated Head of the Army Military Science Department.
on student transcripts. Credit for SROTC courses will be reviewed on the same
(2) Is given a status over the Military Science Department and within the school
basis as other institutional courses. If applicable credit is in question, the institution
which is consistent with that given to academic department heads.
will recommend adjustments to ensure such courses are granted credit.
(3) Is given an academic rank and title comparable to the ranks and titles
d. To arrange for the scheduling of classes within the military curriculum so that
awarded to other school faculty of professional status, and is accorded all the
they will be just as convenient for the student to attend as other courses at the same
privileges of those who hold the academic rank of professor.
educational level.
(4) Is given voting rights on all matters concerning Army SROTC and on such
e. To include a representative of the Military Science Department on all faculty
additional matters as the school may elect.
committees that directly affect the Military Science Department.
f. To provide a full-time school employee under the supervision of the
4. This agreement supersedes all existing agreements between the Department of
Department of Military Science to serve as liaison for the SROTC unit regarding
the Army and the school pertaining to this matter.
administration of the SROTC program.
g. To provide at no cost to the U.S. Army, the necessary and adequate
classrooms, administrative offices and equipment, areas for computers and printing
equipment with secure storage space, access to gymnasium and fitness facilities,
physical training field, storage area and other required facilities.
APD LC v1.00
DA FORM 918A, FEB 2017

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