DD Form 362 Statement of Charges/Cash Collection Voucher

What Is DD Form 362?

DD Form 362, Statement of Charges or Cash Collection Voucher is a form similar to receipt or an invoice and used by the Department of Defense (DoD) to document purchases involving specific stock and goods.

The DoD released the latest version of the form in July 1993 with previous available until exhausted. An updated DD Form 362 fillable version is available for download through the link below.

This form is also used during the preparation of the DD Form 2481 (Request for Recovery of Debt Due the United States by Salary Offset Privacy Act Notice) by civilian employees for payroll deduction submissions. The property book office will process the DD 362 upon receiving the processed form DD 2481.


How to Fill out DD Form 362?

The statement is made up of a single page with no filing guidelines provided with the form. DD Form 362 instructions are as follows.

  1. Block 1 is for the date when the form is prepared. Block 2 is for the document or voucher number applicable only to lost or destroyed items;
  2. The organization and the Unit Identification Code (UIC) to which the individual is assigned are specified in Block 3. For civilian employees this block requires the name of the employing agency;
  3. Block 4 identifies the installation of the organization. The state and city should be included for Army National Guard (ARNG);
  4. Blocks 5 through 7 are filled in by the Finance and Accounting Office:
    • Block 7 contains several columns. Column A lists the stock numbers of the lost, damaged or destroyed items;
    • Column B presents corresponding descriptions and unit costs for each item listed in Column A.When all items are listed enter "Unit price in column d is the unit cost less (percentage of depreciation) allowed per this regulation" if depreciation is allowed;
    • Columns C and D provide the quantities and unit cost for each listed item. No depreciation is given for damaged items. The value of the unit price multiplied by the number of the items is recorded in Column E.
  5. The commander selects the applicable action type from the options provided in Block 8;
  6. Blocks 9d through 9f provide the personal identifying about the individual being charged. The cause of their charge is specified in Block 9g;
  7. The commander completes Block 10 as stated. Block 11 is left blank to be filled in by the Finance and Accounting Office employee.

Download DD Form 362 Statement of Charges/Cash Collection Voucher

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