VA Form 21-674B School Attendance Report

What Is VA Form 21-674b?

VA Form 21-674b, School Attendance Report is a form used for confirming school attendance of children of veterans eligible to receive educational benefits payments. The same form is used to report any changes to the status of the student (marriage, quitting a course, changing schools, etc.).

The latest version of the form was released by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in June 2018 and supersedes the now obsolete April 2015 edition. An up-to-date VA Form 21-674b fillable version is available for digital filing and download below or can be found on the VA website.

The VA Form 21-674, Request for Approval of School Attendance is a form closely related to the VA 21-674b. The form is used for requesting approval to attend a particular school or course and applying for corresponding benefits.

VA Forms 21-674 and 21-674b

The VA 21-674b is generally distributed as a part of the VA 21-674 but can also be downloaded as a separate file. Separate copies of both forms are currently hosted on the VA website.

VA Form 21-674c, Request for Approval of School Attendance is a non-digital version of the VA 21-674 and is available for download from our forms library.

VA Form 21-674B School Attendance Report
VA Form 21-674B School Attendance Report
VA Form 21-674B School Attendance Report

Download VA Form 21-674B School Attendance Report

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VA Form 21-674b Instructions

The VA 21-674b should be completed and returned to the VA office within 60 days after the student begins attending a school or a course. If the form is not returned in time, the payments based on school attendance will be terminated.

The document consists of two parts, only one of which should be filled out. Filing instructions are as follows:

  1. Item 1 requires the VA file number. Item 2 should contain the address of the VA office to which the document will be returned. The full name of the eligible veteran and their e-mail address are provided in Items 3A and 3B. Items 4A and 4B require the full name and SSN of the student.
  2. Part I must be completed by a claimant. The date of the official start of the course should be provided in Item 5. Item 6A contains two checkboxes and is used to determine if the student has started the course.
    • If the answer is positive, the date the student began attending school must be indicated in Item 6B. If the answer is negative, the claimant must provide an explanation in Item 15.
    • Item 7A should specify if the student receives any tuition under VA DEA, Federal Employees' Compensation Act, or any other Federal Agency Benefit. Items 7B and C should be filled out if the answer is positive.
    • The claimant should sign the form, indicate their relationship to the student and provide a phone number to certify that the provided data is correct.
    • The VA Form 21-674b is signed by a parent, guardian, or custodian and must be signed in ink. The student is allowed to sign the form only after reaching the age of majority determined by the State law.
  3. Part II is filled out by a school official to report the termination of school attendance.
    • The date of termination should be indicated in Item 12A. Item 12B specifies if this date is an official ending date of a regular term. In case of a positive answer, the beginning date of the next regular term should be provided in Item 13A. If the answer is negative, the official filing the form must provide an explanation in Item 13B.
    • Item 14 is for providing the reason for the termination of attendance. Any additional remarks can be provided in Item 15. The name of the school is specified in Item 16.
    • To certify that the provided statements are true, the school official must sign and date the form in Item 17.
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