Military Alphabet Chart

Military Alphabet Chart

The Military Alphabet Chart, also known as the NATO phonetic alphabet, is used to spell out words or communicate information over radio or telephone in a clear and consistent manner. It helps overcome difficulties in understanding due to background noise or language barriers.

The military alphabet chart is not filed by a specific entity or organization. It is a widely used communication tool in the military and is taught and referenced by military personnel and organizations.


Q: What is a military alphabet chart?A: A military alphabet chart is a chart that displays the phonetic alphabet used by the military to communicate letters over the radio or in noisy environments.

Q: Why is a military alphabet chart used?A: A military alphabet chart is used to ensure clear and accurate communication of letters, especially in situations where there may be background noise or confusion.

Q: What are some examples of letters and their corresponding phonetic words in the military alphabet?A: Some examples include: A - Alpha, B - Bravo, C - Charlie, D - Delta, E - Echo, F - Foxtrot, G - Golf, H - Hotel, I - India, J - Juliet, K - Kilo, L - Lima, M - Mike, N - November, O - Oscar, P - Papa, Q - Quebec, R - Romeo, S - Sierra, T - Tango, U - Uniform, V - Victor, W - Whiskey, X - X-ray, Y - Yankee, Z - Zulu.

Q: Is the military alphabet the same as the NATO phonetic alphabet?A: Yes, the military alphabet is also known as the NATO phonetic alphabet. It is used by the military as well as in aviation and other fields for clear and consistent communication.


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  • Military Alphabet Chart - Reference guide with Phonetic representation of each letter.