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What Is a Military Alphabet Chart?

A Military Alphabet Chart is a list of words that refer to letters transmitted in the message via telephone or radio. It is possible to signal these code words wherever military operations are performed – on the land, sea, and air. Standardization and precision in military communication can make the difference between life and death – it is crucial to use correct codes and convey correct information to the military base or to the commanding officer in the field.

Alternate Name:

  • Phonetic Alphabet Chart.

This chart, updates and finalized in 1957, is used by multiple military organizations and international agencies, including North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), hence one of its official names is NATO Phonetic Alphabet Chart – a list of universally accepted words that represent letters of the alphabet and reduce the number of contradictions in military communications.

Download a printable Military Phonetic Alphabet PDF through the link below to learn the twenty-six codewords assigned to each of the letters:

AAlpha (Alfa in some European countries to prevent mispronunciations)NNovember

What Is the Point of the Military Alphabet?

A Military Alphabet Chart allows servicemembers to transmit messages using the words from the list to send the correct data to the recipient. For instance, the word “Navy” would be “November Alpha Victor Yankee” when spelled with the chart. It prevents misunderstandings – some letters sound the same during the transmission – such as “f” and “s” - and allows to clarify data that may be distorted or misrepresented especially when the reception is bad.

There is another reason to take advantage of this chart – it is indispensable when communicating with commanders and superior officers to inform them which phase of the military operation has been successfully carried out. For example, if a military unit has reached the destination, they may use a pre-specified code “Alfa” to communicate their location and describe at which stage of the mission they currently are. There are various collocations and phrases that describe particular situations that can happen during military operations - “Oscar Mike” means “On the Move”, while “Tango Uniform” can be deciphered as “Toes Up” - an individual was killed or equipment was destroyed.

Civilians may also benefit from using this alphabet to avoid similar issues in their work – when a sales agent describes details of the agreement to the customer on the telephone, it is possible to use keywords from the chart to transmit the message and avoid errors. This system is also popular among aviation officers and medical workers who need to relay accurate information.

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This document is a chart that displays the Military Alphabet, which is used to communicate letters and numbers over radio or telephone in a clear and concise manner.

This document provides a chart of the Military Phonetic Alphabet, used to spell out words or communicate information over the phone or radio in a clear and standardized way.

The NATO Phonetic Alphabet is an alphabet developed by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and used for the sending of voice messages.

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