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1. WHEN PREPARED. Prepare DA Form 1380 by the last day of each month, to cover the following:
a. Nonunit Reserve training, other than Army Extension Courses
b. Equivalent duty or other appropriate duty performed by Soldiers assigned to USAR units, other than such training
performed with the unit of assignment.
a. For training projects - by the chief of the proponent agency for the project.
b. For attendance at professional or trade convention meetings - by the designated military representative at the meeting.
c. For training in an attached status - by the commanding officer of the unit of attachment.
d. For training attachments with another service - the Soldier will complete all items except the signature and then obtain
the signature of the duly authorized official of the unit attachment
e. For all other Reserve training - as directed by the area commander.
a. Items 1 through 3, 5 through 8, and 10 through 12, self-explanatory.
b. Item 4 (TO:). Enter the complete designation and address of the record manager of the Soldier's records.
c. Item 9. Check the appropriate block to indicate type of duty performed. Cite the documentary authority listed in Table 2-1
of AR 140-185 for the training reported. When the form covers more than one period of duty or training of variable types,
leave blank the entry pertaining to type of duties and enter the information in Column "d" following the description of the
duties, training or instruction performed.
(1) Column a. Enter day, month, and year on which duty, training, or instruction was performed.
(2) Column b. Enter the total number of hours covered by the form. For assigned training projects, see AR 140-1.
(3) Column c. Enter the number of retirement point credits earned. One point will be credited for each period of at least
four hours of authorized training or instruction performed during one day. For assigned training projects, see AR 140-1.
(4) Column d. Enter a brief description of the duties, training, or instruction performed. If duty involved work on an
assigned project over an extended period, also enter the inclusive dates of the period.
d. Item 11. The responsible officer will sign copies forwarded to the custodian of the Soldier's AMHRR. Units will ensure DA
Form 1380 is processed for pay and non-paid retirement points no later than the last day of each month.
4. DISPOSITION. For nonunit members forward original and duplicate to HRC, ATTN AHRC-PDR-TR, 1600 Speerhead Division,
Fort Knox, Kentucky 40122-5402. Retain one copy for file. For unit members forward original to unit of assignment. Units will
file one copy in the Soldier's AMHRR.

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