Form MV24 Bill of Sale for Vehicle or Vessel - Montana

This version of the form is not currently in use and is provided for reference only. Download this version of Form MV24 for the current year.

Form MV24 Bill of Sale for Vehicle or Vessel - Montana

Montana DMV Bill of Sale

Form MV24, Bill of Sale is an official bill of sale form that proves the legal sale and purchase of any vehicle or vessel in Montana. It demonstrates the agreement of the parties to enter into a transaction, proves the payment was made in good faith, and protects the parties from potential disputes that may arise in the future.

Alternate Names:

  • Vehicle Bill of Sale;
  • Boat Bill of Sale.

This form was issued by the Motor Vehicle Division of the Montana Department of Justice. The latest version of the document came out on January 1, 2018, with all previous editions obsolete. You can download a fillable Montana Vehicle Bill of Sale through the link below.

Does a Bill of Sale Have to Be Notarized in Montana?

Form MV24 has to be signed by a notary public in the allotted space at the bottom of the form.


How to Sell a Vehicle in Montana?

To sell a vehicle in Montana, you should take the following steps:

  1. Before you advertise the vehicle, deal with any liens on it. The liens could occur because you have not repaid a loan you received to buy the vehicle, or you have failed to pay child support;
  2. Be present when the potential buyer test drives the vehicle;
  3. Determine which documents are necessary to finalize the sale. Usually, the seller gives the buyer the vehicle title, and the parties sign Montana Form MV24. The transfer of the title must be done in the presence of a notary public;
  4. Remove the plates from the vehicle when the sale is done;
  5. Do not forget to cancel the vehicle's liability insurance policy.

Form MV24 requires the following information:

  • Sum of money received for the vehicle or vessel;
  • Purchaser's name, driver's license number or some other form of identification and address;
  • Description of the vehicle or vessel - its make, model, year, style, vehicle or hull identification number, and license plate number;
  • Odometer statement. If the odometer reading is not the actual mileage, check the appropriate box in the document;
  • Purchaser's signature, printed name, and the actual date of the sale;
  • Seller's authorization of the transfer. Additionally, the seller must certify that the information on the form is true and correct;
  • Seller's signature, printed name, identification, address, and the date of the sale;
  • Notary Public stamp or seal, state and county where the deal takes place, date of the transaction, and notary's signature.

How to Register a Vehicle in Montana?

Once the papers are signed, the new owner has sixty days to register the vehicle. To register a car, it is necessary to file the required documentation with the Motor Vehicle Division of the County Treasurer's Office:

  1. Application for Certificate of Title for a Vehicle (Form MV1) (use Form MV1A to register a vessel);
  2. The old title received from the seller;
  3. Bill of sale;
  4. Driver's license or another identity document with a photo;
  5. Proof of motor vehicle liability insurance;
  6. Proof of paid registration fees.

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