PS Form 1260 Nontransactor Card

What Is PS Form 1260?

PS Form 1260, Nontransactor Card is a form used by the employees of the United States Postal Service (USPS) for documenting missed basic clock rings, which are Begin Tour (BT), Out to Lunch (OL), In from Lunch (IL), and/or End Tour (ET).

When the employees forget to swipe their badge at the Electronic Badge Reader (EBR) or if they lost it, or when one or more of the basic rings are missed altogether, they are required to complete this form, sign it, and submit it to their immediate supervisors/managers. The latter are responsible for timekeeping, based on this card information.

The issuing agency of this form is the USPS. The revision date is July 2012. An up-to-date printable PS Form 1260 is available for download below. No PS Form 1260 fillable copies are available online.


Download PS Form 1260 Nontransactor Card

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PS Form 1260 Nontransactor Card
PS Form 1260 Nontransactor Card
PS Form 1260 Nontransactor Card

PS Form 1260 Instructions

Normally, craft employees record four basic clock rings (BT, OL, IL, ET) daily on the EBR. City carriers' four basic rings are BT, move (MV) to street, move (MV) to office, and ET. Besides, employees record their time spent on various other operations by using the transaction code MV on the EBR.

Any employee who receives a premium pay, for example, night differential (Code 54), Sunday premium (Code 72) and/or additional straight time (Code 35) are required to swipe the clock or submit supportive PS Forms 1260 or 1261.

It is the city carrier assistants' (CCA) duty to record all of their clock rings on the form throughout the day. Also known as the Non-Electronic Badge Reader Card (Non-EBR Card), this form is useful when these employees are shipped out to work at other offices, on which days they will fill out a Nontransactor card in lieu of making clock rings.

It is advisable for CCAs to note down all the times that they BT, OL, IL, or ET, and then add up their working hours at the end of the week and verify this against their pay stub. Also, they should have their supervisors verify that their time was entered correctly. Good record keeping will ensure their payment reflects the actual time they worked.

How to Fill out PS Form 1260?

If you are an employee who needs to complete this card, you should make sure to follow the steps below:

  • Name box. State your complete name;
  • EIN box. Enter your Employee Identification Number;
  • Pay Loc. box. Enter your three-digit pay location code;
  • Date box. Write the month/day/year of the clock ring date you need to record;
  • Ring Type box. Enter one of the five clock rings (BT, for Begin Tour, OL, for Out to Lunch, IL, for In from Lunch, MV, for Move to street or Move to office, or ET, for End Tour);
  • PON-LU box. Enter the four-digit operation number followed by the two-digit local unit number for a total of six digits;
  • Route box. Write the six-digit code of the route;
  • Finance No. box. Enter the six-digit finance number associated with the route;
  • Time box. Enter the time of the operation using the hours and hundredths (HH:hh) format;
  • Supervisor Name box. Enter your name in print;
  • The Supervisor Signature and Date, and the Comments box are self-explanatory.
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