Form DL-17 Statement of Non-ownership of Vehicle(S) - Pennsylvania

This version of the form is not currently in use and is provided for reference only. Download this version of Form DL-17 for the current year.

Form DL-17 Statement of Non-ownership of Vehicle(S) - Pennsylvania

What Is Form DL-17?

Form DL-17, Statement of Non-ownership of Vehicle(s), is a legal document needed to certify you do not own any motor vehicles in order to continue the driving license restoration process. Since every license restoration case is unique, you are required to contact the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (DOT) to know what steps to take to restore your license. You will know the term of suspension and find out the restoration fee you will have to pay. The letter will also ask you for proof of insurance.

Contact the DOT to request a restoration requirements letter which will contain specific restoration requirements and steps to take if your license was suspended or revoked. Access your restoration requirements letter online or get a copy by calling the DOT's Customer Call Center. This document will list the date you are eligible to get your driving privileges back, and you need to complete and send Form DL-17 to the DOT.

This form was released by the Pennsylvania DOT. The latest version was issued on October 1, 2013, with all previous editions obsolete. You can download a fillable Pennsylvania DL-17 Form through the link below.


How to File DL-17?

Follow these steps to complete the Statement of Non-ownership of Vehicle(s):

  1. State your full name, driver's license number, date of birth, telephone number and email address;
  2. If you have changed your address since requesting a restoration requirements letter, enter your new address to receive correspondence from the DOT. Additionally, being a registered owner, you can check the box and the DOT will notify your county voter registration office of this change;
  3. Confirm you do not own any motor vehicles with current Pennsylvania registration. Certify all statements in the form are true and correct;
  4. Sign and date the form. By signing the papers, you authorize the DOT to furnish them with your driving record to process the form.

Once you fill out the form, send it to the PA Department of Transportation, Bureau of Driver Licensing, PO Box 68693, Harrisburg, PA 17106-8693. You need to submit DL-17 Form 30 days prior to the eligibility date listed in the restoration requirements letter you received from the DOT. When the eligibility date comes, the DOT will notify you about the restoration of your driving privileges and return your license, so you will be able to drive again.

Download Form DL-17 Statement of Non-ownership of Vehicle(S) - Pennsylvania

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