Form MVD-438-A "Salvage Vehicle Dealer License Application" - Texas

What Is a Salvage Vehicle Dealer License Application?

Form MVD-438-A, Salvage Vehicle Dealer License Application, is a legal document completed by the individual or company who wishes to obtain a license of a salvage vehicle dealer and start the business of purchasing, selling, rebuilding, and repairing salvage and nonrepairable motor vehicles. This license is necessary if you buy, sell, or rebuild more than five salvage vehicles in a calendar year.

This form was released by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) on June 1, 2014. The form has since become obsolete: in order to obtain a Salvage Vehicle Dealer License, you need to apply for it online on the Texas DMV website. You can download a copy of Form MVD-438-A through the link below.


Texas Salvage Vehicle Dealer License Instructions

To complete a Texas Dealer License, you need to indicate your business classification - sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation - and add details that describe your business, including the date of birth and social security number. Select the license you need and attach the fee of $95.

Provide the business information - business name, assumed name, physical and mailing addresses, email address and telephone number, Federal Employer Identification Number, Texas Sales Tax Identification Number, and National Motor Vehicle Title Information System Identification (NMVTIS) Number. Name corporate officers or directors and enter their personal details. Add three business references that will verify your business' dealings and quality of services. Describe your history of applying for salvage licenses and criminal history.

The last page of the application lists the attachments you need to present - proof of identity, Texas Sales and Use Tax Permit, Assumed Name Certificates, Franchise Tax Account Status, and NMVTIS number.


Download Form MVD-438-A "Salvage Vehicle Dealer License Application" - Texas

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