DD Form 1833 Isolated Personnel Report (ISOPREP)

DD Form 1833 Isolated Personnel Report (ISOPREP)

What Is DD Form 1833?

DD Form 1833, Isolated Personnel Report (ISOPREP) is a form completed by all Army personnel heading to areas where they may become isolated due to hostile enemy activity. The information provided in the report is used to protect recovery forces caught by the enemy and facilitate the recovery of isolated service members. The latest DD Form 1833 fillable version is available for download and online filing through the link below.

Alternate Name:

  • DD 1833.

The report - also called DD Form 1833 ISOPREP for short - was released by the Department of Defense (DoD) on May 1, 2008 .

Completing DD 1833 is obligatory for personnel traveling to OCONUS areas. All personnel will complete a PRO-File survey in accordance with Headquarters Department of the Army (HQDA) guidance. The data entered into PRO-File Survey is removed from the NIPR and transferred to the SIPR Joint Personnel Recovery Agency (JPRA) Personnel Recovery Mission Software (PRMS) site. Once transferred, the data is used to populate a digital DD Form 1833 (ISOPREP) on PRMS SIPRnet.


How to Fill Out DD Form 1833

The ISOPREP consists of nine sections in total with filing guidelines described on the first page of the report. DD Form 1833 instructions are provided below:

  1. Section I, Personal Information, requires basic identifying data in Boxes 1 through 21 . This includes the race, gender, weight, ethnic group, blood type, and any identifying marks or scars the soldier may have as well as their full personal information - the full name, religious preference, accent, citizenship, the branch of service, current unit, DOB, SSN, etc.;
  2. Section II, Uniform Data, is for submitting the exact sizing and measures of all parts of the uniform;
  3. Section III, Training/Capability Data, is used for specifying all of the training received by the soldier along with its type, location, date . Section III is also designed to evaluate reading, writing, and speaking skills in the soldier's primary and other languages;
  4. Section IV, Reintegration Information, is for providing personal information about the soldier's relatives (next of kin, parents, and children);
  5. Section V of the ISOPREP is for JPRC/PRCC use only;
  6. Section VI, Additional Information, requires all ten fingerprints . When filing digitally, upload fingerprint files in .wsq, .jpg, or .bmp format;
  7. Section VII, Photos, is for attaching a photo of the head and torso taken from the front and a right profile photograph . The photos must be no more than 200Kb and no less than 200 by 200 pixels in size;
  8. The front-facing photo can be any full-face picture where the service member has their natural hair color . The profile-view photo can be taken from any side and must clearly display the facial features;
  9. Wearing hats and sunglasses is not acceptable . Prescription eyewear should also not be worn. Photos should present a predominant view of the head without obstruction and be no more than a year old;
  10. Section VIII is for Review Information . The section consists of four blocks and is meant for verifying all previous information;
  11. Section IX - Personal Authentication Statements, contains information that will be used to identify the soldier . All of the statements submitted should be simple and declarative recollections of strong memories based upon real personal events, not questions or answers.

These statements should involve events or details that are not subject to change. Culturally sensitive information - something that might cause embarrassment if disclosed, be culturally offensive, or aggravate an ally or friendly civilian that may assist in recovery - are to be avoided.

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