Scholarship Award Letter Template

Scholarship Award Letter Template

What Is a Scholarship Award Letter?

A Scholarship Award Letter is a formal statement prepared by an educational institution and sent to a current or future student that was awarded financial assistance with their tuition, fees, books, or living costs. If the student in question was found eligible for a scholarship, it is necessary to inform them their request for a scholarship was approved, list the reasons for this decision, and encourage them to focus on their education even more than before.

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How to Write a Thank you Letter for a Scholarship Award?

It is a common courtesy to complete and send a Scholarship Award Thank You Letter once your application was approved. Plus, the approval often comes with a Letter of Admission, which is another reason to show your gratitude to the educational institution. Follow these steps to compose a Thank You Letter for a Scholarship Award:

  1. Start with a proper salutation. You should address your letter not only to the college or university as a whole but also to the individual who notified you about the award. Use their name and title.
  2. State how much you appreciate their generous gesture. Confirm that with the scholarship your financial standing is going to be much stronger and you will be able to focus on your studies without having to worry about extra expenses.
  3. If your scholarship was sponsored by a special committee, program, or an individual donor, demonstrate your gratitude - your kind words and enthusiasm will inspire them to continue their good work and support other students that require financial assistance.
  4. Sign the letter and confirm your willingness to provide more information and documentation needed to receive a scholarship.

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