VA Form 28-1900 Disabled Veterans Application for Vocational Rehabilitation

What Is VA Form 28-1900?

VA Form 28-1900, Disabled Veterans Application for Vocational Rehabilitation - also known as the VA vocational rehabilitation form - is an official form issued by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to enable veterans to apply for vocational rehabilitation benefits. Veterans who apply for this kind of program may have difficulties in keeping or finding a job because of service-connected disabilities. Filing this form helps them join the rehabilitation program and get the training necessary for a new job or find a way to keep their current job.

The latest VA Form 28-1900 fillable version was released by the VA in September 2014 and is available for digital filing and download below.

The Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) program helps military personnel and veterans with service-related disabilities to prepare, obtain and maintain suitable employment. The program offers employment assistance, short or long-term training, purchase of required supplies and equipment, and on-the-job training. Services generally last up to 48 months, but they can be extended in certain circumstances.

To be eligible to receive the benefits a veteran has to meet one of the following criteria:

  • The veteran must have a service-connected disability (or SCD) which has a rating of 20 percent or higher and an employment handicap;
  • The veteran must have a combined SCD rating of 10 percent and a serious employment handicap;
  • The applicant must be awaiting discharge due to a medical condition caused by a serious injury or illness from active duty;
  • The applicant must be a servicemember awaiting discharge with a VA memorandum rating of 20 percent or more and expects to receive an honorable discharge upon separation from active duty.

The VR&E program is a personal choice for the veteran. There are five options that can be chosen by the veteran with the help of a counselor:

  • Re-employment;
  • Self-employment;
  • Employment via long-term service and training;
  • Independent Living services - an option for veterans who have such a severe employment handicap that they first need help to establish a healthy, independent life style before managing to find a new job.

VA Form 28-1900 Instructions

The processing time of the application is from four to six weeks. After completing the application for the VR&E and proving eligibility, an applicant has to make an appointment with a vocational rehabilitation counselor. The main purpose of the meeting is to prove that the veteran is faced with an employment handicap. An employment handicap is the inability to garner or retain suitable employment that falls within the veteran's abilities and interests.

How to Fill Out VA Form 28-1900?

The form contains two pages in total: a fillable part for the applicant to file and an additional page with general information about vocational rehabilitation for service-disabled veterans.

The first page requires the following information:

  • The name and address of the applicant;
  • The number of the VA file and a telephone number;
  • A specification of the applicant's education (the number of years);
  • A list of any previous vocational rehabilitation the applicant may have participated in;
  • Information about their military service;
  • A description of their current job along with the name and address of the employer, the list of the job duties and monthly income;
  • A description of the disability.

Where to Send VA Form 28-1900?

The quickest way is to apply for benefits online through eBenefits website's vocational rehabilitation and employment page. The completed form can be also mailed to a local VA office or out-based office.

Download VA Form 28-1900 Disabled Veterans Application for Vocational Rehabilitation

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