Thanksgiving Sign up Sheet Template

Thanksgiving Sign up Sheet Template

What Is a Thanksgiving Sign Up Sheet?

A Thanksgiving Sign Up Sheet refers to a handwritten or electronic document drafted to include the names of people that will attend a Thanksgiving celebration and make a tangible contribution to the party.

Alternate Name:

  • Thanksgiving Potluck Sign Up Sheet.

Whether you are arranging a small dinner for your family and friends or you want to spend quality time with your coworkers, if the idea is to let everyone bring a dish they can cook well and the host can spend less money on buying everything for the party, a potluck can be a perfect choice. Suggest a celebration that will allow people to enjoy the dishes made for the large party and have fun in the true spirit of Thanksgiving - the holiday that brings everyone together and becomes a day when everyone remembers what they are grateful for.

A Thanksgiving Potluck Sign Up Sheet template can be downloaded below.


What to Bring to a Thanksgiving Potluck?

Thanksgiving is associated with several traditional dishes that immediately make people think of this holiday and its spirit of generosity, gratitude, and togetherness - roast turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pies. None of these will look out of place especially if you opt for a more conventional celebration. However, if you want to put a modern twist on the Thanksgiving dinner, you may ask the guests to bring whatever dishes and snacks they consider appropriate for the party or suggest a certain deviation from a well-known recipe. For example, mashed potatoes can be easily replaced by crispy roasted potatoes and an applesauce or plum sauce is a great alternative to a cranberry sauce. Do not forget about the sweets - homemade cookies or candies that look like the symbols of the holiday - turkeys, pilgrim hats, pumpkins - can serve as a decoration for the party and later become a perfect dessert. Various tableware - plates, containers, large bowls, straws, cups - are often requested by the host so do not ignore these items either.

How to Organize a Thanksgiving Potluck?

Follow these tips to ensure your guests enjoy the Thanksgiving Potluck you are hosting:

  1. Create a Thanksgiving Sign Up Sheet. You may post it online or put it in the common area in the office in case you are organizing a celebration for your colleagues or subordinates and notify all people you have invited to the event about the potluck. It usually looks like a simple table that includes four columns: the name of the guest, their contact details, the name of the dish or the item necessary for the party, and the description of the food or another thing the guest promises to bring. Note that the description of the food should mention common allergens to let other people eat safely at the party.
  2. It is recommended to give the guests suggestions regarding the potluck - tell them what main dishes, appetizers, desserts, soft drinks, alcohol, and disposable tableware are needed. Once the guests filled out the sheet confirming their participation in the celebration, you can figure out if anything is lacking from the list and contact the guests to inform them their dishes are too similar or, for instance, no one has signed up to bring enough napkins for the party - this way, you will make sure nothing is missing and there is no necessity to run to the store amidst the celebration.
  3. Give some advice to your guests - ask them to bring the food in containers, remind them how many guests are coming so that they know how many cookies to bake, find out whether they are able to bring large bowls and plates to put on the table for everyone to use. While there is no need to send a reminder to all the attendees about the party and the invitations are usually enough for that, be mindful and check with certain people that seemed unsure whether they will be able to come a day or two before the event.

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