Employee Sign in Sheet Template

Employee Sign in Sheet Template

What Is an Employee Sign In Sheet?

An Employee Sign In Sheet refers to a written form supervisors and managers use to monitor the work hours of their employees.

Alternate Name:

  • Employee Sign In and Out Sheet.

It is necessary to record when the employee starts their workday and finishes it - once the shift or a certain time period (week or month) is over, a supervisor or a human resources department can certify the work hours in question by analyzing the document and signing it. It will help the employer to process payroll and let the manager see which work assignments take more time to streamline the workflow.

Whether you are working in a law firm and want to track hours lawyers spend with their clients for correct billing or you provide consulting services and are looking for an easy way to know how much time you spend on a particular project or customer, a sign in sheet will be the indispensable tool for your business.

You may download an Employee Sign In Sheet template through the link below.


Employee Sign In Sheet: How to Make?

Here is how you can create an Employee Sign In and Out Sheet:

  1. Consider drawing a table to have a clear picture of the amount of time your subordinates spend working . Even though most documents of this kind are now digital, a traditional printed version of the sign in sheet will be useful - the employees can sign it quickly and you can transfer the data to any time-tracking software you use.
  2. Include the following columns to the table : name of the employee, time in, time out, the signature of the employee, the signature of the supervisor or manager responsible for reviewing the sign in sheet. If you are preparing a weekly Employee Sign In Sheet, make sure you state the date above every section of the table to avoid confusion; daily sheets are also quite common.
  3. Add a column that indicates when an employee went to have their lunch break . While not obligatory, you may want to keep track of this information as well especially if you have noticed your employees tend to take long breaks, this section of the table is highly recommended.
  4. Ask your employees to write the times they start and finish work and have lunch - alternatively, you may do it for them if you cannot display a sign in sheet in the area where all employees get access to it. At a minimum, however, every employee has to sign the form or enter their initials.
  5. At the end of every working day or week, review the document and put your own signature across every row with the name of the employee to verify the information - you can submit the sheet to the human resources department for further processing and recordkeeping.

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