Soccer Player Evaluation Form

Soccer Player Evaluation Form

Soccer Player Evaluation Form: What Is It?

A Soccer Player Evaluation Form is a document that is designed to evaluate soccer players against specific criteria. This is usually carried out by the coach of the team.

The main aim of this assessment is to give coaches and player's information concerning the ranking of the player and it will also give the player feedback about their progress. The evaluation can be used to look at the advantages and disadvantages of the player which will help the coach in terms of tactics planning and will also help show the player any weak areas which they need to work on.

A Soccer Player Evaluation Form for coaches will usually follow the structure outlined below:

  • Personal details about the player including their full name, their age as well as gender;
  • The coach will also have to note down the name of the team that the soccer player belongs to as well as the name of their coach;
  • The next section will list various skills and attributes that are important in soccer. The coach must evaluate how well the player meets each criterion and give them a rating, usually based on a scale of 1 to 5.

A Soccer Player Evaluation template can be downloaded by clicking the link below.


How to Do a Soccer Player Evaluation?

A Soccer Player Evaluation will look at more than just the physical abilities of a player. Although a player may possess great physical attributes, there are many other factors that go into being a top player in a team sport such as soccer. Generally, a coach will seek to evaluate the following areas:

  • The technical capabilities that the player possesses - this will explore how well a player controls the ball, how they can pass the ball over short and long distances as well as how well they can dribble the ball around an opponent. The way a player plays headers and finishes with the ball are also factors that are often looked at;
  • How tactful the player is - this is a very important skill to see how well a player can read the ball and the position of other players. A coach will explore the behavior of a soccer player when they are in an attacking position both with and without possession of the ball. Likewise, a coach will seek to explore how a player reacts in a defensive position;
  • The physical attributes of the player - here the coach will determine how strong the player is and will also make note of how fast they are along with their endurance levels and agility;
  • The final aspects explored by the coach are the traits of the player along with their attitude and characteristics. A player may possess top marks for all of the points mentioned above but if they have low motivation, are difficult to coach and their mental toughness is relatively low, a coach may decide to have such players sit on the bench rather than being brought onto the pitch.

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