Soccer Tryout Evaluation Form

Soccer Tryout Evaluation Form

Soccer Tryout Evaluation Form: What Is It?

A Soccer Tryout Evaluation Form is a specialized form used by a soccer coach to evaluate a candidate hoping to make a soccer team during tryouts.

Alternate Name:

  • Soccer Player Tryout Evaluation Form.

Every soccer coach may have a different system in place during tryouts and admittedly, there is no perfect system for this - each has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, all coaches will generally look out for the same skills when observing a candidate. These key skills are important in soccer and with the right training can be developed for the benefit of the soccer team. Some of these key skills may be more important than other skills and this may even depend on which players are already on the soccer team. The coach will be fully aware of what elements are missing in the team.

The key skills that coaches commonly look out for are:

  • The technical abilities of each player which covers ball control, how well the individual can pass and receive the ball as well as the ability to dribble with the ball;
  • How good the candidate is at reading the direction of the ball and particularly the positioning of other players including those on the opposing team;
  • The physical abilities of each player which covers their speed, strength, endurance and agility;
  • The personal traits of the candidate such as their attitude and motivation.

A Soccer Tryout Evaluation Form can be downloaded by clicking the link below.

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