Daily Blood Pressure Log - Big Table

Daily Blood Pressure Log - Big Table

Daily Blood Pressure Log: What Is It?

A Daily Blood Pressure Log is used to monitor the blood pressure of an individual throughout a given period of time which is usually decided upon by a doctor. The Blood Pressure Daily Log can be used by the individual making the measurements or by a medical professional to check the health and heart of an individual at regular intervals. However, this will only work as long as the individual maintains the log frequently.

Both children and adults have a specific healthy range when it comes to blood pressure. If the blood pressure is higher or lower than what is considered normal, the individual should seek medical advice to prevent any serious issues with the heart.

To make accurate recordings, an individual should:

  • Stick to the timetable that concerns the frequency of measurements. In most cases, the blood pressure would need to be measured twice to three times a day. Either in the morning and evening or morning, day, and evening;
  • Before taking a measurement for blood pressure the individual should ensure that they are in a relaxed state and have not experienced stress or physical activity;
  • The individual needs to be sat down ensuring that their arms and legs are not elevated;
  • It is also recommended to take three consecutive readings and take an average;
  • Note down any other information such as activities that day or medicines that were taken.

A Daily Blood Pressure Log template can be downloaded by clicking the link below.

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