Free Blood Pressure Log Templates

Blood Pressure Log: What Is It?

If you are having some health issues or maybe you just want to go through a general check-up, your doctor may sometimes ask you to keep a note of your blood pressure. The best way to do this is by using a Blood Pressure Log which will allow you to note down accurate and correct readings.

Alternate Names:

  • Blood Pressure Log Sheet;
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring Log.

How often you need to measure your blood pressure and record the results will depend on the recommendations from your doctor. If you need to make recordings on a daily basis, you may benefit from a Daily Blood Pressure Log. On the other hand, if you need to keep track of your blood pressure for a prolonged period of time you might need to form a Blood Pressure log book.

It is crucial that you monitor your blood pressure as any deviations from the normal range can have drastic consequences. Coronary artery disease is just one of the numerous cardiac conditions that an elevated blood pressure may bring on, making it difficult to get the heart to receive blood. A heart attack, abnormalities in the heart's rhythm, or pains in the chest can result from inadequate blood supply to the heart which is the case when pressure is too low.

For a full list of Blood Pressure Log templates please feel free to check out our library below.

How to Keep a Blood Pressure Log?

Keeping your Blood Pressure Log is extremely easy but there are some small but crucial instructions that you need to follow to ensure that the readings you get are correct. The more accurate they are, the higher the chance that any abnormalities can be detected and taken care of before anything serious occurs. Follow the steps below to ensure that you keep an accurate Blood Pressure Log:

  • Start by finding a suitable Blood Pressure Log template that will be comfortable for you to use;
  • Ensure that the blood pressure monitor you use is accurate and in working condition;
  • Prior to sitting down to take any measurements, ensure that you are completely relaxed and have not been exercising, running, or feeling stressed at the moment of recording as this will naturally produce a higher blood pressure. You want to determine the blood pressure during rest;
  • Make sure to sit down comfortably before taking the reading and that both of your feet are comfortably placed on the ground, in no way lifted and your arm should be comfortable too. Avoid any movements during the reading;
  • In most cases, your doctor will instruct you to take measurements twice a day. That is, in the morning and in the evening. However, it is best to take three consecutive recordings in the morning and three consecutive recordings in the evening as this will enable you to calculate a more accurate average;
  • Using the template, enter the date of the recording, along with all of the recordings you took for that day using appropriate units.

Still looking for a particular template? Take a look at the related templates below:




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This blood pressure diary was released by the British Hypertension Society and allows to record sphygmomanometer readings several times a day.

This weekly blood pressure log has a specially designed table for blood pressure readings that will help you save your results in one place for easy viewing.


This bi-weekly blood pressure log distributed by Garner Internal Medicine is perfect for recording your blood pressure and keeping track of past readings.

This template provides the extra option of recording your blood sugar levels and has a place to write comments to bring to your next doctor's appointment.

This template provides the opportunity to record both systolic and diastolic blood pressure twice every day and provide additional comments for your doctor to review.

This is a simple daily log that can help you to stay on top of your blood pressure problems before they get out of hand.

This simple and easy to use daily log provides space for your doctor to enter a personalized blood pressure goal at the top of the page.

This blood pressure log is a chart with columns for recording pulse and the daily systolic and diastolic values on the first and second readings.

This blank log has pre-made tables that simplify the task of recording your pulse and your systolic and diastolic blood pressure on a daily basis.

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