Gbl-Gable Box Template

Gbl-Gable Box Template

The Gbl-Gable Box template is a type of packaging design used for creating gable boxes. Gable boxes are commonly used in the food and retail industry to package products such as gifts, food items, or promotional items. The template helps in creating the specific structure and shape of the gable box for easy packaging and transport.


Q: What is a Gable Box?
A: A Gable Box is a type of packaging box that has a unique shape resembling a gable roof.

Q: What is a Gable Box used for?
A: Gable Boxes are commonly used for packaging and presenting various products, such as food items, gifts, and retail products.

Q: What are the advantages of using a Gable Box?
A: Some advantages of using a Gable Box include its attractive and eye-catching design, ease of assembly, and its ability to provide a sturdy and secure packaging.

Q: How do I use a Gable Box template?
A: After obtaining a Gable Box template, you can print it on a suitable material, cut along the outline, fold along the indicated lines, and assemble it using adhesive or interlocking tabs.

Q: Are Gable Boxes customizable?
A: Yes, Gable Boxes can be customized based on your specific needs and requirements. You can add branding, logos, and other design elements to make them unique and personalized.

Q: What materials are Gable Boxes made of?
A: Gable Boxes can be made of various materials, including cardboard, paperboard, and corrugated board. The choice of material depends on the desired durability and strength of the box.

Q: Can Gable Boxes be recycled?
A: Yes, Gable Boxes made of recyclable materials like cardboard and paperboard can be recycled. It is important to check local recycling guidelines for proper disposal.

Q: What sizes are available for Gable Boxes?
A: Gable Boxes come in various sizes, ranging from small to large, to accommodate different products and quantities.


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