DD Form 2656-7 Verification for Survivor Annuity

What Is DD Form 2656-7?

DD Form 2656-7, Verification for Survivor Annuity is used by a surviving spouse or spouses and dependent children of deceased servicemembers to verify eligibility for an annuity under the Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP), Reserve Component Survivor Benefit Plan (RSSBP) or the Retired Servicemen Family Protection Plan (RSFPP).

The latest fillable version of the DD Form 2656-7 is available for download or digital filing below or can be found on the Executive Services Directorate website.

The DD 2656-7 is a part of a series of related documents used for actions related to the SBP, RSFPP, and RCSBP. The form was last released by the Department of Defense (DoD) in April 2009 with all previous editions being obsolete.

DD Form 2656-7 Verification for Survivor Annuity
DD Form 2656-7 Verification for Survivor Annuity
DD Form 2656-7 Verification for Survivor Annuity

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DD Form 2656-7 Instructions

All information provided in the DD 2656-7 must be factual and correct. Applicants must verify the provided information before signing and then return the form to the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS), U.S. Military Annuitant Pay, 8899 E. 56th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46249-1300 or fax it to the DFAS toll-free number at 1-800-962-8459.

The form consists of seven sections in total:

  1. Section I, Deceased Member Data Verification contains the deceased service member's full name, social security number, date of birth, date of death, rank, and branch of service.
  2. The second Section is for the claimant's verification. Boxes A through E provide the claimant's name, social security number, date of birth, phone number and citizenship information. Non-resident aliens are automatically taxed a rate of 30 percent. They may not be charged if the country has a tax treaty with the United States.
  3. Section III applies only to spouse applicants. Box A is for certifying that the applicant was legally married to the service member on the date of death. Box B is for providing information on any incapacitated children or children under the age of 23 of the deceased service member. Box C asks if the applicant is receiving any other annuity from DFAS based on the military record of any other deceased retiree.

DD 2656-7 Related Forms

  1. DD Form 2656, Data for Payment of Retired Personnel is the main form of the series used to elect an SBP and designate one or several beneficiaries for retired pay.
  2. DD Form 2656-1, SBP Election Statement for Former Spouse Coverage is a form used by spouses and former spouses of service members for purposes of providing information regarding SBP benefits.
  3. DD Form 2656-2 is the SBP Termination Request. The form is used to voluntarily discontinue participation in the Uniformed Services Survivor Benefit Plan because of tax disadvantages or any cost-related or personal reasons.
  4. DD Form 2656-5 otherwise called the RCSBP Election Certificate is used by Reserve Component service members to elect a Reserve Component Survivor Benefit Plan.
  5. DD Form 2656-6, SBP Election Change Certificate is used for making changes to a Survivor Benefit Plan election.
  6. DD Form 2656-8, SBP Automatic Coverage Fact Sheet is used to determine army members' marital and dependency status in order to make changes to an automatically established SBP election.
  7. DD Form 2656-10, SBP/RCSBP Request for Deemed Election is used to provide SBP coverage-related information by former spouses.
  8. DD Form 2656-11, Statement Certifying Number of Months of SBP Premiums Paid is sent to the DFAS if the individual disagrees with the number of months credited toward Paid-up SBP.
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