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Are you looking for information about firearms in the USA, Canada, and other countries? Our website provides valuable resources and documents related to firearms, also known as "arma de fuego" or "armas de fuego" in Spanish.

Our collection includes a range of documents that cover various aspects of firearms. For example, you can find forms such as the Formulario GV-730 S, which deals with the renewal of firearm restriction orders in California. We also have the Formulario GV-600 S, which focuses on terminating firearm restriction orders in California.

In addition, we offer the Formulario GV-800, which is used as proof of delivery, sale, or storage of firearms, ammunition, and magazines in California. For those in Illinois, our collection includes the Formulario CFS452-2/S, which pertains to firearm agreements within foster families. Another important document is the Formulario CH-800, which is similar to the GV-800 form and deals with the delivery, sale, or storage of firearms in California.

Whether you are a firearm owner, law enforcement officer, or just interested in learning more about firearms regulations and legal procedures, our document collection can provide you with the necessary information in an accessible format.

Please note that our website is regularly updated with new documents, so you can count on us to keep you informed about the latest developments regarding firearms in the USA, Canada, and other countries.




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