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Digital Imaging: Preserving Visual Records for the Future

Welcome to our digital imaging webpage, where we explore the world of digital images and their significance in various fields. Whether you refer to it as "digital imaging" or "digital images," this collection of documents encompasses the diverse applications and practices related to preserving and utilizing visual records in a digital format.

From consent forms for the production and use of verbal or written statements, photographs, digital images, and video or audio recordings, to authorization forms for third parties to produce or record such visual records, our comprehensive range of documents ensures that the process remains compliant and transparent.

Are you involved in the digitization of original paper records stored as digital images? Look no further! Our "Authorization for Disposal of Original Paper Records Stored as Digital Images" form is specifically designed to meet the requirements of South Carolina. We understand the importance of safeguarding original records while ensuring efficient and space-saving practices through the digitization process.

Moreover, if you are in Washington and have embarked on a digital imaging project funded through the Digital Imaging Local Records Grant, we offer a streamlined reimbursement request form. This form will facilitate your financial transactions while maintaining accurate records of your expenses. It's never been easier to manage your grant funds and continue the digitization of local records.

Our digital imaging webpage aims to provide individuals, organizations, and institutions with the necessary tools and resources to navigate the complexities of digital visual records. By exploring our collection of documents, you can ensure compliance, security, and accessibility in preserving and utilizing digital images for years to come.




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This Form is used for obtaining consent from individuals to produce and use verbal or written statements, photographs, digital images, and/or video or audio recordings for VA purposes.

This document is used for obtaining consent and authorization from individuals to allow third parties to produce or record statements, photographs, digital images, or video or audio recordings.

The terms of a photograph contact include details relating to payment, indemnification, the responsibilities of the client and the photographer, and the amount and quality of the photos.

This form is used for obtaining authorization to dispose of original paper records that have been stored as digital images in the state of South Carolina.

This Form is used for submitting a reimbursement request for the Digital Imaging Local Records Grant in Washington.

This Form is used for requesting reimbursement for grants related to the preservation and digitization of local records in Washington state.

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