Free Double Elimination Bracket Templates

What Is a Double Elimination Bracket? 

A Double Elimination Bracket is a system created to organize the structure of any competition and give an opportunity to a participant that loses only once to still compete for the main prize.

Alternate Name: 

  • Double Elimination Tournament Bracket. 

This provides the person or group of individuals that were unable to show their true level and potential in a single game with an opportunity to prove themselves by overcoming a more enduring journey to the final match or round. It is up to the individual or organization in charge to conduct a traditional draw or opt for a random drawing - once the names of the teams or individual players are known and the draw is finalized, you will be able to see the full list of matches or rounds the participants will play to reach the final and get the trophy. 

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Double Elimination Bracket Template Types 

If you are planning to organize a tournament for various teams whether they are competing in a sporting event, chess tournament, design contest, or reality show where participants are eliminated on a merit basis, you may use an appropriate Double Elimination Bracket template we offer - make sure you choose the document based on the number of teams signed up or expected to compete.

  • 3 Team Double Elimination Bracket; 
  • 4 Team Double Elimination Bracket; 
  • 5 Team Double Elimination Bracket; 
  • 6 Team Double Elimination Bracket
  • 7 Team Double Elimination Bracket; 
  • 8 Team Double Elimination Bracket; 
  • 9 Team Double Elimination Bracket; 
  • 10 Team Double Elimination Bracket; 
  • 12 Team Double Elimination Bracket; 
  • 16 Team Double Elimination Bracket

How Does a Double Elimination Bracket Work?

Learn more about the Double Elimination Tournament Bracket and its proper implementation:

  1. Unlike a more traditional tournament that implies only one elimination for every contestant apart from the winner, this type of bracket means the teams or single contestants are divided into two sets or groups - for the winners and losers. While every participant starts their road to the trophy in the winners group, upon their elimination they are transferred to the losers section to face the rival that also suffered a defeat. 
  2. Note that there are several benefits in selecting a double elimination system instead of giving every participant a single chance to prove they are worthy of an award or trophy before they advance to the next round or leave the competition (usually, empty-handed). Besides, it will be possible to determine the teams that ranked third and fourth without having to have an additional game or round between the eliminated contestants. 
  3. As for the disadvantages of this format, the winner of the losers bracket has a more challenging path to the final which puts a strain on them and the tournament organizers who may struggle to find venues to host all the rounds or matches. Additionally, it is hard to predict the attendance and, naturally, most spectators would favor the winners bracket over the losers one.
  4. If you have decided to prepare a visual representation of the upcoming tournament, consider making an electronic version that can be expanded and updated when necessary. A simplified edition not overloaded with details can be decorated and shared with the participants and general public. Indicate the name of the tournament, decide on the size of the brackets and the information you will include in them (consider adding the names of participants and their logos or badges if applicable), and the dates of every game or round. A more complicated version may also state the locations of the events and the awards (including consolation prizes) the participants can count on. 

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