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What Is a Patient Registration Form?

A Patient Registration Form is employed by medical professionals to gather information about someone being admitted to the hospital prior to them arriving at the hospital. This might include a summary of the individual's health history, details about their health insurance policy, a record of prescription drugs as well as a statement about any allergies.

Alternate Names:

  • New Patient Registration Form;

  • Medical Patient Registration Form.

The process of Patient Registration is crucial and all vital data should be obtained before the individual begins their stay at a hospital in order to avoid medication mistakes and adverse reactions associated with allergies.

The individual responsible for collecting this information may gather all the data that they need about the patient's condition and general health, including the name of the patient, their date of birth, medical history, details of their family physician and contact details in case of an emergency.

The form must be simple to fill out and available in order to facilitate the procedure and guarantee that all individuals, irrespective of their circumstances, can access it whenever they need to. Individuals should find it simpler to submit the necessary data, which can be done from the comfort of their own home, for the medical personnel. This will allow all staff to provide proper care.

For a full list of Patient Registration Form templates please feel free to check out our library below.

How to Fill Out a Patient Registration Form?

In order to save yourself time and simplify the process of filling out a Patient Registration Form, you can read up on the information that will be required to make sure you have it all with you. Below you can find a list of the information that you need to provide:

  • Firstly, you should begin by finding an appropriate template that can be modified and customized to tailor it to each specific individual;
  • Begin by stating the date and time that the individual is being hospitalized;
  • Below this include the unique health care number that is different for everyone;
  • Provide basic information about the patient including their full name, gender, contact details and mailing address;
  • You should also state the date of birth of the individual along with their marital status;
  • The next section requires to state the name and contact details of an emergency contact that will be contacted in case an emergency occurs;
  • Details about the family doctor and preferred pharmacy also need to be provided;
  • Information about medical history will follow along with a brief summary of why the patient has been admitted to hospital. Any other relevant notes such as medication that the individual is taking or any allergies need to be noted down should be recorded in this section;
  • The final section requests information about the insurance company where the individual has taken out an insurance policy.

It is important that all information provided is accurate and up-to-date to prevent any mistakes from occurring as in some cases, these mistakes have the potential to be lethal.

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This form is used by patients under-aged in Michigan aiming to participate in the Medical Marijuana program. The MMP3500-4 Minor Application Form is necessary for obtaining the Registry Identification Card.

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