A Reimbursement Form is a formal document drafted by an employee who has spent their own money for business-related costs to ask their employer to pay them back. Usually prepared after a certain purchase is done or a work trip is finished, this statement lets the employee get their money back; additionally, it is obligatory to create a paper trail that confirms the organization has set funds aside to compensate its workers for the expenses that helped the company develop and grow. 

Alternate Name: 

  • Reimbursement Request Form. 

When you claim various expenses, you need to prove you spent your own money so make sure you attach receipts and written statements that certify the costs of travel, hotel booking, business meals, and purchases on behalf of the company. It is also possible to ask for reimbursement for medical expenses in case you have an agreement with the employer that verifies the latter will offer you health benefits in the form of compensation after the fact. A Reimbursement Form typically contains the details of the business trip and references to every receipt and expense; calculate the total amount of money you are requesting, sign and date the form. 

Reimbursement Form Types

  • Mileage Reimbursement Form. Fill out this document to request your employer to compensate you for mileage and transportation costs incurred as part of the job. Whether you travel with your own vehicle or use a company car, it is recommended to keep records that detail the journey to let the employee get the reimbursement fee they are entitled to;
  • Expense Reimbursement Form. Complete this general Reimbursement Form to inform the employer about their obligation to pay you back for the money you spent during a work-related trip or for other purchases like office supplies. If you have traveled for work and had to pay for accommodation, gas, and meals that allowed you to do your job properly or bought items for the workplace, you can claim reimbursement.

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"Mileage Reimbursement Form"

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Fill out this form to have your employer compensate for some costs that you encounter on your business-related trips.

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"Expense Reimbursement Form"

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Use this form to recover back costs incurred while performing work on behalf of your employer.

Form 20 "Medical Transportation Reimbursement - Atlantic Region" - Canada

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Form 10-3542 "Veteran/Beneficiary Claim for Reimbursement of Travel Expenses" - California

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"Reimbursement Claim Form - Axa Healthcare"

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"Reimbursement Form"

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"Reimbursement Request Form - Nyla"

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