Free Pool Party Invitation Templates

What Is a Pool Party Invitation? 

Having a pool party is one of the coolest ways to celebrate any special occasion, be it for children or for adults. If you are planning such an event, ensure you send your guests a Pool Party Invitation. Getting the Pool Party Invitation wording and the content itself is extremely important in ensuring that you host a successful pool party. Perhaps your pool party will have a theme, or maybe there will be toys and food involved. Your invitation needs to get all of this information across so that your guests are fully aware of all of the details and arrive completely prepared. 

Although pool parties can be fun, they can also be dangerous if safety precautions are not carefully considered, particularly when hosting a party for children. If anything is required from parents in terms of safety, it is best to outline this in the invitation too. 

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What to Say on a Pool Party Invitation? 

Whether you are writing a kid's Pool Party Invitation or an adult Pool Party Invitation, there are certain things that you need to include on your invitation. This usually covers:

  • Information on the theme (if there is one);
  • If the pool party is being gathered to celebrate a special occasion, you should state what that occasion is e.g. We are celebrating [NAME] birthday;
  • The date and time when the pool party will take place;
  • Details about the location of the pool party (full address);
  • Always leave a contact name and telephone number for your guests to respond about attendance. You may want to include a clause about responding only if they cannot attend. This is particularly important for you as the host as it gives you a more accurate idea about what numbers to cater for, especially if you will be buying toys, food, and providing other entertainment;
  • Let your guests know what they’re in for! If you are planning on cooking burgers, hot dogs, making fruit salads, chomping down ice-cream, having water gun fights, or even water bomb wars – show your guests what they will be missing out on;
  • If you are writing a Pool Party Invitation for children in particular, you will most likely want to include any extra details regarding safety. For example, you may want the parents of the children present during the party so that they can keep an eye out for them. You may also want to remind them to bring their own sunscreen. 

How to Make a Pool Party Invitation?

Usually, whenever someone decides to host a pool party, it is the talk of the street and you will certainly want to live up to the expectation. You can start this by creating a unique invitation - however, it isn’t always easy to come up with Pool Party Invitation ideas. Consider some of our tips below:

  • Base the invitation around a theme. Even if there is no obvious theme, you can go for something generic like summer. This will help you pick the right pictures and colors to use in the invitation.
  • If the party is being held to celebrate a birthday, you can include a picture of the birthday boy or girl. 
  • If you are feeling particularly artsy, you can cut out and stick on water splashes using various shades of blue card to give it a 3D touchy-feely effect. 
  • Consider using a quirky phrase such as "Get cool in the pool." Short and snappy phrases will tell your guests exactly what you’re inviting them to without having to blatantly write it out.  

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