Free Event Invitation Templates

What Is an Event Invitation?

An Event Invitation is a written request sent to the individual the sender wants to see at a private party, large celebration, business conference, or religious ceremony.

Alternate Name:

  • Event Invitation Letter.

This note is of particular importance if the party or ceremony in question is arranged for a few select individuals and you will not allow others to attend making it an Invitation Only event. Determine what kind of invitation will be appropriate for the occasion - a handwritten note, a printed message, or an electronic letter - and send it days or weeks in advance to let the recipient time figure out whether they are able to come. This way, you will be better prepared to host the event and plan your budget.

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How to Write an Invitation Letter for an Event?

An Event Invitation Letter should contain the following information:

  1. Name of the event. If necessary, you may elaborate by adding the name of the person that celebrates their birthday or stating whether this is a closed-door event which is customary for many private ceremonies and business meetings.
  2. Name of the invited person (or people in case you are inviting members of the same family or representatives of an organization) and a request to attend an event or celebration.
  3. Date, time, and location of the event. If it is a venue - a residence, restaurant, or cottage - unfamiliar to most guests, it would make sense to add a small map to the invitation or provide specific directions for people that will drive there or use public transportation.
  4. Request to reply to the invitation. If a ceremony in question involves a thoroughly planned seating chart and the guests will stay for hours, you need to know if they are going to show up at all and learn about their food preferences to order catering or cook food. Make sure you indicate the deadline for the response as well.
  5. Contact information of the event organizer or host. Depending on the scale of the celebration or ceremony, you may add the telephone number of the individual responsible for all the arrangements or let the potential guest directly reach out to the person for whom the event is organized in the first place.

Once you have decided how to word the invitation, think about the design of your letter. You can use any colors, ornaments, and patterns if it is a casual party and only your friends will receive the message - the same applies to invitations made by kids and for kids. However, a Business Event Invitation should be formal: use two or three colors, opt for a minimalistic style, and be concise with the wording.

How to Respond to a Declined Event Invitation?

If you received a message or phone call from the person you invited that informs you they cannot come to the party or ceremony, you may need to prepare a response especially if you did not expect no as an answer. Within one or two days after the declined invitation you may draft a short note sincerely thanking the individual for letting you know they will not attend and referring to the explanation they have given you if their letter included one. In case they have mentioned a commitment that may be postponed in the future and the celebration you are arranging allows certain flexibility, you can confirm you will be glad to see them at the event if their plans change.

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