Free Christmas Gift Certificate Templates

What Is a Christmas Gift Certificate?

A Christmas Gift Certificate is a card that can be exchanged for goods in a retail store or cafe or activated whenever a recipient wants to ask the person that created the certificate for a tangible or intangible favor. 

Alternate Name: 

  • Christmas Gift Card. 

Usually presented during the holiday season or throughout December and January, a Gift Certificate for Christmas can be prepared by businesses and individuals alike:

  1. If you work for a company that wants to offer its customers an opportunity to surprise their loved ones with a card that allows purchasing goods for a value written on the certificate, you can design and distribute cards at the beginning of December - this will give your clients time to get ready for the holiday season.
  2. In case you have always had difficulties with picking a present for a relative, friend, or partner, you should use your imagination and create a custom certificate that contains a promise - for instance, you can inform them you are going to plan a dream vacation for you two or make a voucher they can give you any time they want some kind of a favor from you.

You can find a full list of Christmas Gift Certificate templates by checking out our library below.

How to Make a Christmas Gift Certificate?

Here is how you may create a Christmas Gift Card:

  1. If you represent a business, a restaurant, bookshop, or cosmetics store, the certificate should contain the logo and the name of your company, the name of the certificate holder, and the value of the card that can be exchanged for the products you offer. Add the duration of the offer and enter a link to your website to give the cardholder a chance to learn more about the terms and conditions of the future transaction. 
  2. Show appreciation to someone you care about by giving them a Christmas Gift Certificate that confirms you are going to do something for the recipient in the future - be it a trip the other person has been dreaming about for a long time or a dinner at their favorite restaurant. This may be the perfect gift idea if during the holiday season your partner or friend is ill or busy and cannot go to a Christmas party or spend time with you - raise their mood by promising them your plans are still in force. Alternatively, you can give them a blank Christmas Gift Certificate and ask them to write their own ideas you can make come true in the nearest future.
  3. One of the most popular Christmas Gift Certificate ideas is to attach the card to the usual greeting card surprising the recipient during the celebrations. You may use bright colors (typical festive colors for Christmas are red and green but there are no established rules, you are free to decorate the card the way you like), images and drawings of a Christmas tree and snowflakes, Santa Claus and his reindeers, or a nativity scene. 

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