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The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - or the NOAA - is an agency that focuses on the condition of the oceans, waterways and the atmosphere thus benefiting the local and global economy. The agency is a supplier of environmental information to partners around the world, providing its customers with the current information about the state of the atmosphere and oceans along with weather forecasts and disaster warnings.

NOAA is a leader in applied scientific research pertaining to ecosystems, climate, weather, and water. The agency is also in charge of managing the country’s coastal and marine environments and works to protect U.S. fisheries, ecosystems, marine sanctuaries and all threatened or endangered species of animals. NOAA’s main tasks include monitoring, analyzing and researching the Earth’s systems in order to predict any future changes and managing the existing resources to benefit the environment and the economy.

The Headquarters of the organization is located in Silver Spring, Maryland. Contact the agency through their website or by directing mail to their address at 1401 Constitution Avenue NW, Room 5128, Washington, DC 20230.

NOAA Forms

NOAA Forms are the official documents and publications released by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the scientific agency organized within the U.S. Department of Commerce. All NOAA publications are further divided into NOAA ICS forms (with ICS standing for the Electronic Incident Command System), NOAA SCAT forms (for all Shoreline Cleanup and Assessment Technique issuances) and other publications grouped by issuing sub-office within the agency.

All NOAA Forms are standardized: search a specific form by its name or number and click the links to download, print or file online. Check in for updates and filing instructions that are added and renewed regularly.




NOAA Form 370 "Fisheries Certificate of Origin"

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Size: 65 KB
2 pages

NOAA Form 41-1 "Request for Office Services"

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Size: 137 KB
1 page

NOAA Form 36-31 "Purchase Card Tranaction Authorization"

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Size: 183 KB
2 pages

NOAA Form 36-30 "Special Clotihing and Equipment Purchase Authorization"

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Size: 144 KB
1 page

NOAA Form 89-819 "Specification and Label Submittal Action Request"

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Size: 210 KB
1 page

NOAA Form 56-42A "Noaa Corps Applicant Reference Form"

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Size: 1 MB
2 pages

NOAA Form 89-864 "Marine Mammal Stranding Report - Level a Data"

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Size: 453 KB
2 pages

"Snow Measurement Guidelines for National Weather Service Surface Observing Programs"

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Size: 304 KB
14 pages

"Tropical Cyclones - National Weather Service"

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Size: 6 MB
12 pages

"Marine Wildlife Viewing Guidelines"

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Size: 107 KB
3 pages

"Property Change Request Draft Form for Commercially Leased/Agreements and Owned Property"

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Size: 206 KB
6 pages

"Kinematic Observation Log"

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Size: 37 KB
1 page

"Application for Pre-approval Certificate to Import Frozen Toothfish"

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Size: 215 KB
2 pages

"Section 306a Project Questionnaire"

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Size: 417 KB
10 pages