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What Is a Vermont Bill of Sale?

A Vermont Bill of Sale is a legal document that provides and validates legal sale and purchase transactions in Vermont. It contains all the buyer/seller information as well as the vessel identification information. The document helps to increase security while making a purchase.  You can create your own bill of sale with little effort with the help of our customized builder or download a ready-made template below. 

There are several types of bills of sale, each having a specific purpose. Below is a list of the most commonly used types of bills of sale in Vermont:

  • A Generic Bill of Sale is a document proves that the item was bought legally and you are now the official owner of the item.
  • Form VT-005, Bill of Sale and Odometer Disclosure Statement (​released by the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles)​ is a sales slip used with boats and cars and provides the main facts about the seller and buyer, everything regarding the change of ownership, as well as identifiable information about the vehicle or vessel.
  • The information recorded on the Vermont Gun Bill of Sale documents the change of ownership, the seller’s and buyer’s contact information, as well as the description of the firearm.
  • Vermont Mobile Home Uniform Bill of Sale (​released by the ​Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development)​ is a document prepared for both, the buyer and the seller of a mobile home.

Vermont Bill of Sale Requirements

If you are a resident of Vermont and have purchased a vessel, the first thing you need to do is register it. If you are a visitor to Vermont, registration is not required. Your vessel will have to be registered only if you are planning to stay in Vermont for more than 90 consecutive days.

You can find a list of the required documentation below:

  • Motorboat Registration and Title Application;
  • Bill of Sale; and
  • Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin in the event the vehicle has had a previous owner. 

You will also have to pay certain registration fees as set out below:

  • Class A vehicle (less than 16 ft) the fee is $27;
  • Class I vehicle (16 ft to 26 ft) the fee is $43;
  • Class II vehicle (26 ft to 40 ft) the fee is $70;
  • Class III vehicle (40 ft and longer) you will have to pay $136.

The documents must be signed by the seller, the buyer, and a witness. The notary public will complete the remainder of the notary process once all the necessary signatures are verified.



Form VT-005 "Bill of Sale and Odometer Disclosure Statement" - Vermont

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2 pages

Get this official Vermont Bill of Sale created for sellers and purchasers to exchange an amount of money for a motor vehicle or a boat. This document is suitable for the sale or purchase of a car or boat in the state.

"Vermont Mobile Home Uniform Bill of Sale" - Vermont

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Size: 120 KB
2 pages

This is an official form released by the Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development. It documents and proves the legal sale and purchase of a mobile home between a seller and buyer.

"Generic Bill of Sale" - Vermont

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Size: 133 KB
2 pages

Download this Vermont-specific document and fill it out to document a property transfer from one party to the other. When properly composed, this document releases the seller from liability for the sold item and proves the buyer is the new owner of the property.

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Generic Bill of Sale Bill of Sale Business

"Firearm Bill of Sale" - Vermont

Rate (4.6 / 5) 15 votes
Size: 156 KB
3 pages

Use this handwritten or typed document to outline the details of a gun transfer from a seller to a buyer. It is a legally binding agreement in Vermont that includes essential information about the deal.

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Firearm Bill of Sale Bill of Sale Business