Singapore Federal Legal Forms and Templates

The Singapore Federal Legal Forms are used for various legal purposes within Singapore's federal jurisdiction. These forms are designed to help individuals and organizations draft and submit legal documents in a standardized format. They cover a wide range of topics, including but not limited to contracts, agreements, employment forms, immigration forms, and declaration forms. These forms are important for ensuring legal compliance and providing a clear record of transactions or legal actions.




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This form is used for applying for overtime exemption in Singapore for working more than 72 hours a month, as per Section 38(5) of the Employment Act.

This document is used to request a refund and release the company from any further liability in Singapore.


This document is used for assessing one's fitness level and making a declaration regarding it. It is typically used in Singapore.

This Form is used for declaring employee's eligibility for the Government-Paid Childcare Leave (GPCL) Scheme in Singapore.

This document provides an advance release of the 2010 Census of Population in Singapore. It contains valuable data on the population in Singapore during that year.

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