The EDD Unemployment Insurance program provides benefits to California residents who have lost their jobs, are currently looking for new employment, and qualify for unemployment compensation. If you are temporarily out of work, you may be eligible to collect unemployment benefits from the Employment Development Department (EDD).  

EDD Unemployment Insurance Application

To successfully file the EDD Unemployment Insurance Application, you must meet these eligibility requirements:

  • You have earned enough money during a four-quarter base period - at least $1,300 in the highest quarter of the 12-month period of time;
  • You are unemployed through no fault of your own – you were laid off, the company was downsized, the hours were reduced, you lacked the skills to perform the job, or quit because of illegal discrimination or unsafe working conditions. If you were fired for misconduct, you cannot apply for Unemployment Insurance;
  • You are physically available for employment and actively seeking a new job. Keep records of the employers you contact, the dates of contact, and the results of your search. If you are offered a suitable job, you have to accept it. 

What Do You Need to Apply for EDD Unemployment Insurance? 

To apply for EDD Unemployment benefits, you need to provide the following information:

  • Your personal details;
  • Last employer’s name, address, and phone number;
  • Last date you worked and the reason you are no longer employed;
  • Gross earnings from the last week you worked;
  • Your former employers’ details (describe the last 18 months);
  • Citizenship status or information from the employment authorization document;
  • If you are a federal employee, Standard Form 8, Notice to Federal Employees About Unemployment Insurance;
  • If you are ex-military, a Member 4 copy of Form DD 214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty.

EDD Unemployment Insurance Forms 

There are three applications to apply for EDD Unemployment Insurance. Select the document that best describes your employment status and send it by fax (1-866-215-9159) or mail (EDD, P.O. Box 12906, Oakland, CA 94604-2909) to the EDD:

After you file the application, you will receive a notice within two weeks of filing that confirms your documentation was received. If your claim was approved, you will be sent a Notice of Unemployment Insurance Award. Keep looking for work and report the results of the search every two weeks when you certify for the benefits. If additional information is required, the EDD will schedule a phone interview with you. 

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