Free Michigan Vehicle Bill of Sale Forms and Templates

A Michigan Vehicle Bill of Sale refers to a legally binding document that confirms the transfer of ownership of the vehicle (car, off-road vehicle, snowmobile, etc.) from one party (the seller) to the other (the purchaser) in the state of Michigan.

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  • Michigan Car Bill of Sale. 

This legal tool not only releases the former owner from any liability for the vehicle in question, but it also makes the buyer the new legal owner of the vehicle in the eyes of the law. A properly drafted Michigan Vehicle Bill of Sale will guarantee the condition of the item, its authenticity, and history, which is especially important when the transaction takes place between two private parties.

Is a Vehicle Bill of Sale Required in Michigan?

If you have a certificate of title that proves your ownership, there is no need to prepare a Michigan Vehicle Bill of Sale Form. However, as an alternative to a title, a new owner of the car can present a bill of sale with the signature of the seller that confirms the transfer of ownership from one party to the other. Also, the buyer can ask the seller to accompany them to the office of the Secretary of State to verbally confirm the transaction. 

If you represent a custodian, law enforcement agency, or the towing company and wish to release an abandoned vehicle to a recycler or list it for a public auction, you can complete and submit Form TR-52LR, Request for TR-52L Abandoned Vehicle/Vessel Bill of Sale. As the title of the form implies, you can use this document for vehicles and watercrafts alike.

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This form is used to verify and confirm the sale of a vehicle. It also provides essential information about a car and the terms and conditions of a sale. The State of Michigan does not possess any official forms you can use in this case, but you are welcome to use our template.

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