United Kingdom Visas and Immigration Forms

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Form MN1 "Application for Registration of a Child Under 18 as a British Citizen" - United Kingdom

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31 pages

Individuals living within the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands, or any other British territory overseas may use this form when they are seeking to have a biological or adopted child formally recognized as a British citizen.

Form S1 "Application for Registration as a British Citizen, a British Overseas Territories Citizen, or a British Overseas Citizen" - United Kingdom

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16 pages

Individuals who live in certain territories may use this form when they would like to apply to register as a British citizen, a British Overseas Territories citizen, or a British Overseas citizen.

Form AA1 "Attendance Allowance for People of State Pension Age or Over" - United Kingdom

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32 pages

Disabled individuals who have reached their pension age and require financial assistance may prepare this form to manage their personal care.

Form AN "Application for Naturalisation as a British Citizen" - United Kingdom

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32 pages

Residents of the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, British Overseas Territories, and other areas may use this form when they want to apply to become British citizens.

Form VAF4A Appendix 2 "Financial Requirement Form" - United Kingdom

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18 pages

This is a supplemental form that needs to be filled out if you are an individual submitting an application for family settlement in the UK.

Form SU07/12 "Sponsorship Undertaking" - United Kingdom

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3 pages

A UK resident may prepare this form on behalf of another person coming to the UK to certify their readiness to support them financially for at least five years.

Form FLR(M) - United Kingdom

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76 pages

This is an application that was prepared by partners and dependent children of British citizens, people settled in the UK, refugees, and individuals under humanitarian protection to extend their own stay in the country.

Form EEA(FM) "Application for a Registration Certificate or Residence Card as the Family Member of a European Economic Area (Eea) or Swiss National" - United Kingdom

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100 pages

Individuals may use this form to apply for a residence card or a registration certificate in the UK.

Form VAF1A "Application for Uk Visa to Visit or for Short-Term Stay" - United Kingdom

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12 pages