Free Vermont Warranty Deed Forms and Templates

A Vermont Warranty Deed Form is a written agreement prepared to transfer property from one private party to the other. Whether you act on your own behalf or represent the company, this document serves as a confirmation of the sale and purchase and certifies the property title has been granted without any liens or defects that may have occurred before the transaction was formalized. In case the purchaser believes they should obtain more protection for their right of ownership, a warranty deed should be chosen as the contract signed by the grantor and the grantee - it describes the property, contains the warranty the seller offers in the presence of the notary public or another public officer, and safeguards the new owner who will not be disturbed by third parties and their claims on the property. 

You can download a Vermont Warranty Deed Form via the link below - use it for all types of property you need. However, if you are planning to sell or buy a mobile home such as a trailer or an RV, it is necessary to fill out Form PVR-2606W, Mobile Home Warranty Deed, issued by the Vermont Department of Taxes.

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