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Looking to create eye-catching and functional boxes for your products or gifts? Look no further than our comprehensive collection of box design templates. Our box design templates offer a wide range of options to suit your needs, whether you're looking to create a faceted gift box, a convenient tuckbox, a sturdy retail box, or even a puzzle box. With our box design templates, you can easily customize the size, shape, and style of your boxes to get the perfect look and fit for your products or gifts. Choose from a variety of designs and get started on creating visually stunning and functional boxes that will impress your customers or loved ones. We offer a diverse selection of box design templates to suit various needs and purposes. Don't waste time trying to create boxes from scratch – let our box design templates simplify the process for you. Start designing and get your boxes ready in no time with our collection of box design templates.




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This document provides a template for a gable box, along with a schematic diagram and size specifications. It is a useful resource for those looking to create their own gable boxes.

This type of document provides a printable template to create a cube-shaped box measuring 2 inches on all sides. It's useful for craft projects, personalized gift packaging, or storage solutions.

This type of document is a template for creating individual cake boxes.

This document provides a template for creating a box to hold candy.

This document provides a printable design that can be used for creating custom favor boxes. Ideal for parties, weddings or other events, the template offers a simple and creative DIY project.

This document provides a guide for creating a pillow box, a unique packaging design often used for small gifts or products. It can be utilized by individuals or businesses interested in custom box design.

This document provides a guide for crafting a personalized cookie or favor box. Ideal for DIY enthusiasts who wish to create unique packaging for edible gifts or small trinkets. It includes measurements, materials needed, and step-by-step instructions.

This document is a guide for creating a paper craft accordion book in a box design. It provides step-by-step instructions and design inspiration for a fun and creative craft project. Perfect for those who enjoy paper crafting or looking for a new creative outlet.

This document is a gift box craft template provided by Crafty Ferret. It includes instructions and designs for creating your own DIY gift boxes. Get creative and personalize your gift-giving with this fun and easy craft project.

This document provides a guide for crafting a gift box with multiple faces or angles, usually made out of paper or cardboard. It includes patterns, step-by-step instructions, and a list of necessary materials for completion.

This type of document provides a printable guide to creating a small gift box. It includes measurements, cut lines, and folding instructions to assist users in crafting their own gift packaging at home.

This document provides a design blueprint or pattern used for creating a custom box with a slipcase. Ideal for packaging, storage, and presentation purposes. The template may include dimensions, materials, and folding instructions.

This document provides a pattern for crafting an eight-point paper box. It's perfect for anyone interested in origami, DIY crafts, or creating personalized gift boxes.

This document provides printable templates for creating Swiss-style gift boxes. It includes detailed instructions and design guidelines for personal or commercial use. Useful for craft enthusiasts, event planners, or anyone looking to create unique, handmade gifts.

This type of document provides guidelines and patterns for creating your own paper box. It can be used for DIY craft projects, packing gifts, or educational activities.

This document provides a standard guide for designing and assembling a 5-panel folder box. Ideal for businesses, creatives, or DIY enthusiasts looking to create custom packaging.

This type of document provides you with a customizable template to create a unique and personalized gift box for coffee mugs. Ideal choice for DIY projects or personalized gift presentations.

This document provides a template for designing a custom tuckbox, commonly used for storing playing cards or other small items. A helpful guide for hobbyists, game creators, or anyone interested in crafting a personalized storage box.

This document provides a printable pattern or guide used for creating a miniature replica of Tim Hortons' iconic Timbits box. Ideal for craft projects or themed events.

This document provides templates for creating self-closing boxes, commonly used for packaging or gift presentation. It serves as a guide for individuals or businesses wishing to create their own custom box designs.

This type of document provides a pre-designed pattern or layout for creating a retail box specifically for packaging buttons. It is typically used by designers, packaging professionals and manufacturers.

This document provides a design template for creating a box with a window, useful for packaging where product visibility is necessary. It includes detailed measurements and instructions.

This type of document provides a standard pattern or blueprint used to design or construct utility boxes, commonly used for various purposes such as distribution of electricity, telephone connection etc. It is invaluable in industrial or municipal sectors.

This template helps in creating a traditional Japanese Masu box. It provides detailed instructions and measurements essential for crafting this ancient wooden box originally used for measuring rice. It's ideal for crafting enthusiasts and origami artists.

This document provides a template for creating a 50x50x50mm gift box. It includes detailed instructions and measurements for crafting the perfect gift container. Useful for anyone interested in DIY projects or personalized gifts.

This guide provides complete instructions on how to design and construct a rectangular box from paper. It's ideal for craft enthusiasts, teachers, and anyone interested in DIY projects.

This document contains the layout plan for a 4x4x6 reverse tuck-end box. It highlights the dimensions, cut and fold lines, essential for package design in industries such as retail and logistics.

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