Pillow Box Template

Pillow Box Template

A Pillow Box Template is used for creating pillow boxes, a type of gift box. The template outlines the shape and design of this box, which is typically used for packaging small gifts, candies, or jewelry. The pillow box gets its name from its pillow-like shape. The template is especially useful for individuals or businesses who want to make their own custom pillow boxes, as it provides a guideline to cut and fold paper or cardstock into the desired shape. This can be helpful for special events, branding, or personalizing gifts.

Pillow box templates are usually filed by businesses in the packaging industry, craft businesses, or individuals for personal use. These templates are not associated with a specific country. They are downloadable templates used to create pillow boxes, which are a popular type of packaging for small items, gifts, and favors. The pillow box template can be used by anyone who wishes to create their own pillow box design, whether for commercial or personal purposes.


Q: What is a pillow box template?
A: A pillow box template is a blueprint used to make a pillow box, which is a curved, pillow-shaped box often used for packaging small items like jewelry or favors.

Q: How do you use a pillow box template?
A: To use a pillow box template, you usually download and print the template, cut it out from the paper or cardstock, fold along the indicated lines and glue or tape it together.

Q: Can I make a pillow box template myself?
A: Yes, it's possible to make your own pillow box template. You would need to draw your own design onto cardstock or thick paper and then cut out and fold it.

Q: What are pillow boxes usually used for?
A: Pillow boxes are typically used for packaging small and delicate items. They're often used for party favors at weddings or birthday parties, or for packaging jewelry or small gifts.

Q: Are pillow box templates easy to use?
A: Yes, pillow box templates are generally easy to use. They come with instructions, and you typically just need to cut, fold, and glue or tape together the box.


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