Cat Health Templates

Are you concerned about your furry feline companion's well-being? Look no further than our comprehensive collection of resources on cat health. Whether you're a new kitten parent or have had cats for years, our cat health information hub covers a wide range of topics to help you better understand and care for your beloved pet.

From monitoring your kitten's growth using our Kitten Growth Chart, to managing your cat's weight with the Cat Weight Management Chart, we've got you covered. Worried about your cat experiencing pain? The Glasgow Feline Composite Measure Pain Scale and Feline Acute Pain Scale can help you assess and address your cat's discomfort.

In addition to these resources, we also offer a detailed Feline Vaccination Schedule to ensure that your cat stays protected against common diseases. With our cat health collection, you'll find everything you need to keep your feline friend happy, healthy, and thriving.

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This document provides a chart that helps cat owners understand the different colors of cat urine and what they may indicate about their cat's health.


This document provides a chart for bottle feeding kittens, including recommended amounts and feeding frequency based on their age.

This document provides a growth chart for kittens, helping you track their weight and development over time.

This document provides a cat feeding chart for N&d Chicken & Pomegranate Kitten food. It guides pet owners on how much and how often to feed their kitten.

This document is a cat weight management chart that helps track a cat's weight and assists in managing their overall health and wellness.

This document is used for recording observations and data about cats. It helps in documenting their behavior, health, and any changes over time.

This type of document is a pain assessment scale specifically designed for evaluating the pain levels in cats. It was developed by the Universities of Glasgow and Edinburgh Napier.

This document provides information on the different blood types found in felines. It can be helpful for veterinarians and cat owners to understand the compatibility of blood transfusions between cats.

This document is a reference tool for assessing and monitoring the discomfort and mobility issues in cats suffering from osteoarthritis. It highlights the usual symptoms and behaviors that indicate pain in felines due to this condition.

This document provides a guideline on how to assess and measure acute pain in cats. Useful for veterinarians and pet owners, it aids in identifying signs of distress, which can result in a more effective treatment plan.

This document provides a comprehensive guide for medications commonly used in treating various health conditions in cats. It may include details like drug name, dosage, side effects, and precautions. Suitable for vets, cat owners or anyone involved in feline healthcare.

This form is used for assessing the body condition score of cats. It provides a chart that helps determine if a cat is underweight, ideal weight, or overweight based on its body shape and fat distribution. This tool can be used by veterinarians and cat owners to monitor the health and nutrition of their cats.

This document outlines the recommended schedule for vaccinating your cat against common feline diseases. Following this schedule can help ensure your cat stays healthy and protected.

This document provides a comprehensive schedule for vaccinating cats, as recommended by the American Animal Hospital Association. It's essential for pet owners and veterinarians to ensure the health and well-being of felines.

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