DD Form 2715-3 Prisoner Restoration/Return to Duty, Clemency and Parole Statement

What Is DD Form 2715-3?

DD Form 2715-3 also known as the Prisoner Restoration, Return to Duty, Clemency and Parole Statement is a document used by the U.S. Army correctional system to make a request for return to duty, consideration for preliminary parole or clemency.

The DD 2715-3 was last revised by the Department of Defense (DoD) in March 2013 - an up-to-date fillable version is available for download below. Filing the form is obligatory for all inmates regardless of whether they desire parole or not.

The DD Form 2715-3 is used for gathering information related to the prisoner and may become part of their clemency and parole-related paperwork package along with forms DD 2715, DD 2715-1 and DD 2715-2. More information about parole and links to all applicable forms can be found below.


DD form 2715-3 Instructions

The DD 2751-3 can be filed in several ways according to its purpose:

  1. Only Sections I, II and IV are completed in cases when the prisoner does not desire parole. The form will still be forwarded if a prisoner is unable to or refuses to file and sign.
  2. Prisoners who refused parole and those whose requests were denied by the Department of the Army Headquarters may request parole again prior to the next annual eligibility date.
  3. If the prisoner desires parole, all sections of the form should be filled completely. The prisoner must then submit the form to the commander or representative no later than 4 days and no earlier than 45 days prior to parole consideration.

The prisoner will then be assisted with developing a parole plan and will agree to abide by that plan in writing.

DD 2715-3 Related Forms

Download DD Form 2715-3 Prisoner Restoration/Return to Duty, Clemency and Parole Statement

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