DA Form 5756 Concessionaire Contract-Short Term (Nonappropriated Funds)

DA Form 5756 - also known as the "Concessionaire Contract-short Term (nonappropriated Funds)" - is a Military form issued and used by the United States Department of the Army.

The form - often mistakenly referred to as the DD form 5756 - was last revised on December 1, 2004. Download an up-to-date fillable PDF version of the DA 5756 below or request a copy through the chain of command.


For use of this form, see AR 215-4, the proponent agency is ACSIM
This contract is hereby made and entered into on
by and between the
hereinafter called the NAFI, and
hereinafter called the Concessionaire. The NAFI is a nonappropriated fund instrumentality of the United States.
No appropriated funds of the United States shall become due, or be paid, the Concessionaire by reason of this
contract. Witnesseth, that for and in consideration of the agreements set forth and the payments to be made
within this contract, it is mutually agreed between the parties:
That the NAFI shall:
a. Grant the Concessionaire a concession to sell at
(Location) (General description of items/services)
during the time period
b. Furnish sufficient quantities of space, heat, water, and electricity for the reasonable needs of the
Concessionaire for lighting, heating, drinking, sanitation, and the operation of suitable support equipment.
That the Concessionaire will:
a. Pay to the NAFI a concession fee equal to
percent of the total amount of the gross
receipts hereunder or a flat fee of
. Payment will be made daily in United States currency
to the NAFI manager identified by the contracting officer. The Concessionaire will use prenumbered sales
slips and account for all sales by purchaser's name and purchase price of each item sold. A copy of the
sales record (slips) will be furnished to the NAFI manager along with the required concession fee at the
end of each day.
Operate the concession during the following hours:
Provide products or services of a quality satisfactory to the NAFI Manager.
Keep the concession area clean, orderly, attractive, secure, and in a safe and sanitary condition to the
satisfaction of the NAFI Manager.
Employ only persons who meet the health standards prescribed by law or regulations which pertain to the
jobs for which they are hired.
Furnish a sufficient number of trained employees for the efficient performance of this Concessionaire
contract. Concessionaire personnel must meet the health and security standards prescribed by
applicable regulations. Concessionaire personnel must give prompt and courteous treatment to authorized
customers. Concessionaire personnel must be neatly dressed and meticulous in their personal grooming
at all times.
Remove from employment in the concession, on the request of the NAFI, any agent, or employee of the
concession, on the request of the Contracting Officer, any agent, or employee of the Concessionaire if, in
the opinion on the Contracting Officer the conduct of such person, interferes with proper performance of
this contract.
Obtain, at its own expense, any passes or permits, when required, for entrance onto the military
Comply with all applicable laws and Army regulations including those pertaining to wages, workers'
compensation, equal opportunity, and the Service Contract Act.
DA FORM 5756, DEC 2004
APD LC v1.01ES

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